Sunday, December 10

Ayuso’s PP knocks down all the opposition’s proposals in the debate on the state of the region

Ayuso launched this Monday a sort of outstretched hand to the opposition: “I await your proposals,” he told them at the end of his speech in the debate on the state of the region. When the proposals arrived this Tuesday, the president activated the shredder. First, she affirmed that “everything for free does not work” and then she used her parliamentary majority, allied with Vox, to knock down each and every one of the five initiatives that each group could present. Only one was saved, from the extreme right, which urges the regional government to “achieve the energy sovereignty of the nation”, including the recovery of urban waste, and the creation of an energy bonus for vulnerable families.

Ayuso turns the debate on the state of the Madrid region into a rally against Sánchez

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The proposed resolutions are not binding and in them the Assembly urges the Government to make certain commitments. This Tuesday, the Ayuso PP has voted against limiting the maximum time for a medical appointment in Primary Care to three days, 15 for mental health; three weeks for access to diagnostic tests; three months for a surgical intervention; and the “immediate” opening of the Primary Care Emergency Services, which had been proposed by the Socialist Party and another with similar ratios from Más Madrid which, like United We Can, also requested the reopening of the emergencies.

The Madrid president had promised, via speech, to guarantee an average waiting time of less than 45 days for surgeries, first consultations and diagnostic tests; a maximum of 60 days for non-life-threatening interventions; and 90 days for the most common procedures on the waiting lists. Among the resolutions of the popular parliamentary group, which went ahead in their entirety, was the reinforcement of telephone attention, video consultation and the virtual health card.

The conservative group has also voted against a “support plan for small and medium-sized enterprises in the face of the energy crisis” with aid for contracting and carrying out external energy audits and for the adaptation of establishments. The proposal, in this case, was from Más Madrid. Of the formation directed by Mónica García, the PP has also opposed universal aid of 100 euros per dependent child up to 16 years of age; and the creation of an emergency fund for town halls to promote local trade through checks-trade.

“It would be idyllic, in an ideal world, but if dining rooms, transport, education are given away, absolutely everything is given away… I think things are not going to work”, President Ayuso had insisted during one of her speeches in the Assembly this morning. An intervention in which she has boasted and has promised to continue on the path of lowering taxes that the PP of Madrid began 18 years ago and that has meant more than 60,000 million euros to the public coffers.

The tone of the president this day has been less harsh than the one used on Monday in her solo speech, the first part of which became a rally against Pedro Sánchez. “They talk to me about political bullying but it is that there are five people questioning one, with all kinds of lies,” said the president, as if in a debate of this type the opposition groups did not have the function of supervising the Government. Later, she accused the left in Madrid of opposing “everything” and made an exception in the tone to confront Mónica García: “You would like to be president, but the people of Madrid would not.” It was the number two of the PP in Madrid and former spokesman for the group in the Assembly, Alfonso Serrano, who put aside manners to send the More Madrid bench “to play the bongos”.

The proposed resolutions of United We Can have not passed the sieve of the right in the Assembly either. The PP has voted against hiring at least 1,000 more teachers for secondary school this year, increasing the discount on transport passes from 50% to 100%, freezing public rates and prices for basic public services, financing them with the recovery of the wealth tax, by which 18,000 millionaires stopped contributing to the Community more than 990 million euros in 2021 alone; and to improve the system of public residences with more personnel, in better conditions and to carry out periodic inspections.

Ayuso only gave the go-ahead to one of Vox’s proposals. In the morning, the president had received a correction from her parliamentary ally, Rocío Monasterio, who was against decreeing three days of mourning for the death of Queen Elizabeth II. “Beware of being the child at the baptism, the bride at the wedding, and the dead person at the funeral,” she advised. In her second intervention, the spokeswoman for the extreme right reminded the president that her group is the one “supporting this government.”