Wednesday, November 30

Ayuso’s Spain

The Center for Bullfighting Affairs of the Community of Madrid is a public body created to promote bullfighting. In other words, an organization created by and for the exaltation of violence. In terms of the voxeros allies of Ayuso, a beach bar. In all rules. Ayuso has now appointed two new members of the board of directors of said Center: the former bullfighter José Ortega Cano, also known for having married the greatest and for driving while intoxicated and also taking the greatest ahead; and Raquel Sanz, a graduate in journalism and known for being the widow of the bullfighter Víctor Barrio. They are positions that will not have remuneration, although they will have the front door to enter the Las Ventas torture square for free whenever they want, which cannot be said to be a bargain, except if you like the bloody march, like these new members .

Ayuso’s purpose in appointing these two people to any position is pure and simple provocation. And he diverted attention. On the one hand, she acts as a spectacle because she knows that it is her most successful formula: in the face of extreme daring, of whatever nature, people tend to oscillate between perplexity and admiration. When Ayuso appeared in Madrid as a candidate for the presidency of the Community, that she succeeded seemed like an unsustainable joke, but she began to see the effect caused by her ignorance and foolishness, she began to see that by releasing her more and more fat, she received a greater ovation, and he grew up in the show and made it his hallmark. On the other hand, it is very convenient to announce just now about the bullfighter and the bullfighter’s widow. This is how the president’s brother is diluted, who will investigate Anti-corruption and the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, and whom the City Council’s investigation commission cannot locate to send him the notifications of her appearance. And it is diluted that Ayuso will fire 6,000 toilets, although in Madrid Primary Care is at a minimum, the waiting lists are at historic highs and they have worked hard taking care of us during the pandemic. And so it is diluted that Ayuso has reactivated the construction of a concerted school on public land. Bullfighters and widows of bullfighters so that, in short, the legal changes known as the Omnibus Law, which Ayuso maneuvers so that they are approved from his Government, are diluted; They would modify the Transparency Law or the control of the Chamber of Accounts, which controls the contracts and expenses of the Executive. Since the matador and the matador’s widow are not going to receive known compensation, it seems that there are no rackets behind Ayuso’s antics.

The Center for Bullfighting Studies, however, receives 2.31% of the Culture item from the Madrid public coffers. Specifically, 3.01 million euros for 2022. Since 2019 it had been receiving 4.16 million. Its director, the matador Miguel Abellán, who was also chosen by Ayuso, raises 75,000 euros a year from our taxes and, according to the transparency portal of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs, in 2022 he has had three meetings. A level of work activity that accounts for the level of activity of such matters, whose agony is to celebrate, but that does not prevent pocketing a dough that looks more like a scam than a retribution. One of the three meetings of the bullfighter Abellán was with the Fundación Toro de Lidia, a lobby that was born in 2015, gathering resources and political influence to defend bullfighting when the movements in defense of animals and against violence had charged a force that worried them. They pulled from a rancher’s wallet, from a law firm complicit in that violence and from friends of the PP. Several bullfighters are being placed, such as Miguel Abellán himself and now, Ortega Cano, retired since 2017 and who claims to be “a bullfighter by the grace of God.”

One of the main functions of the Center for Bullfighting Affairs is the dissemination and promotion of the activity of bullfighting schools, where children and adolescents are taught to torture and kill. Ayuso chooses for our minors the culture of blood, training in causing pain and death. If for this you have to pull characters that produce embarrassment, better. This diverts attention from his brother, from his family. There are a lot of memes and a lot of jokes on Twitter, because Ortega Cano, together with Toni Cantó’s Spanish Office, would give a lot of laughs if it weren’t for the various forms of violence that they entail, for the moral seriousness that they entail. They represent the model of government, from the right and from Spain that Ayuso proposes. And Ayuso has been the most applauded when she arrived at the auditorium where the XX National Congress of the PP was held. Tell me what you cheer for and I’ll tell you who you are.