Tuesday, March 28

Azcón was spared and Ayuso was not: the mayor of Zaragoza, from the PP, promoted an urban planning file that favored his family

Last May it was learned that the Zaragoza City Council initially approved urban reparcelling files, one that included a small piece of land owned by the parents of Mayor Jorge Azcón and another that had the participation of his brother, an architect by profession, both unanimously and with the favorable vote of Azcón.

The opposition, made up of PSOE, Zaragoza in Common (ZeC) and Podemos, described the event as “very serious”, they asked for the mayor’s disapproval and an investigation commission, which did not go ahead in the municipal plenary session.

In this case, the leadership of Genoa did not intervene, despite the fact that the general secretary of the PP, Teodoro García Egea, assured this week that his obligation “is to ensure that this organization is free of all suspicion. That all the positions are committed with exemplarity and transparency”.

At the time, the now leader of the PP in Aragon and mayor of the Aragonese capital, considered that they were “unfounded accusations” from the spokesmen of the left and explained that what was approved was a regulated file, which did not generate any type of rights to promoters and that all the reports were favourable.

He acknowledged that his parents had 500 square meters of what were once orchards in a sector of 165,000 meters, so, in any case, the benefits they would receive from the operation would be “of little consideration.” In addition, the mayor promised to refrain from the final vote on the file.

Azcón shows his support for Casado

Jorge Azcón, mayor of Zaragoza and president of the PP in Aragón, has assured this week that Pablo Casado enjoys his total confidence in the framework of the internal war between the popular following the statements of Isabel Díaz Ayuso against the general leadership of the PP for the alleged corruption of his brother.

“All my life I have belonged and will belong to the PP. It is my family. And right now I trust Pablo Casado. The truth will put things in their place,” Azcón wrote on his official Twitter account.