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Aznar a Casado’s ‘advice’: order, low taxes, not asking for forgiveness and subordination to the US

About 90 minutes of monologue by José María Aznar interrupted by brief comments by Pablo Casado, go a long way. The former president of the Government has been the star guest on the fourth day of the itinerant conviction of the PP, on his way through Seville, and he has not left an iota of the character he has been creating since he left the Palacio de la Moncloa in 2004. Like a low-consumption lightbulb, Aznar has been gaining strength during the talk, originally focused on the so-called “institutional crisis” but which in reality consisted of a compendium of advice from the teacher who was his pupil, now president of the party and to whom has been made available “, after flirting with the emancipatory whims of Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

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Aznar has gone from a moderate tone to expose the usual economic recipes on the right, such as the reduction of taxes, the cut in public spending or the reform of pensions; to attack “indigenismo, which is the new communism”; caricature the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador; to attack Pope Francis or to cry out against the “Historical Memory” and encourage to give “the cultural battle”.

Casado has made in the presentation of the colloquium a parallel between what happened in the 90s of the last century, before Aznar came to power, and what happens today. But the former president has said that “today the situation is more serious” since the EU is going to “reestablish” the rules of budgetary stability and the ECB, he has predicted, will stop buying debt.

In Aznar’s opinion, “a fiscal change is needed to reactivate the economy”, for which he recalled that “the first time taxes were lowered in Spain was in 1999”, with him in Moncloa. In addition, a labor reform, when the counter-reform of 2012. And, finally, a pension reform because “the system is not sustainable.”

So far, the known. The classic recipes of rights. But Aznar has addressed other issues, such as the “institutional crisis” itself, just the day the Council of Europe insisted on its recommendations to Spain to modify the formula for appointing the members of the General Council of the Judiciary. “Spain is becoming Latin American in the worst sense,” he said, in the first of several derogatory comments towards the region.

Aznar has pointed to “populisms” as the main “internal enemy that liberal democracy has” because “it affects values, customs and institutions.” “The Spain of the future that you have to govern needs order,” he told Casado. “This is a messy country, things are messy,” he said. “And you have to order the house by applying the Constitution,” he added. Aznar has criticized an alleged “use of bodies and people by the Government”, he has said that Congress and the Senate do not work as they should and that there is a “legal insecurity” that weighs down investments in the country.

But it was at the time of the “territorial crisis” that Aznar began to really raise the tone. “It is the most serious matter we have,” he said. “Spain is a nation. Not seven, not four, not 17 or 21. A plural nation, but one. Constitutively plural, but one. It is not a plurinational, multilevel state or the mother who gave birth to them,” he snapped, starting a great applause and lots of complicit laughter among those present, also from Pablo Casado.

Aznar has also established doctrine by ensuring that the co-official languages ​​are only official in their respective Autonomous Communities, and has rejected the possibility that the Senate allows the use of Catalan, Galician or Basque: “In the national institutions of Madrid it is spoken in Castilian “. He has also attacked education in these co-official languages ​​and has recognized that “the outlawing of Batasuna was a moment when constitutionalism lived better in the Basque Country”, to qualify EH Bildu as a “terrorist organization”.

Defense of the “evangelization” of America

The former president has jumped from there to join Isabel Díaz Ayuso’s criticism of Pope Francis for apologizing to Mexico for the participation of Christianity in the conquest of America. “In this age in which forgiveness is asked for everything, I am not going to join the ranks of those who ask for forgiveness. Whoever says it says so,” he said, without daring to mention the head of the Catholic Church.

“For defending the Spanish nation, the creations, the history of Spain with its light and dark, I am willing to feel very proud, but I will not ask for forgiveness,” he insisted. Casado replied by pointing out that “Spain is, after Greece and Rome, the most important nation in the history of Humanity in terms of contribution to other countries, with the phenomenon of Hispanidad despite the black legend, the cancellation and historical revisionism sponsored by the Government parties. ”

Latin America is another of Aznar’s great obsessions, on a trip that has taken him from taking photos with Hugo Chávez to defending coup riots. In his thesis, the objective of Spain’s relationship with the American countries should be that they be subordinated to the needs of Europe, which in turn should be subordinated to the policy of the United States.

“Can Europe live alone?” Asked the former president. “It is possible to imagine Europe alone, in the world to come, without taking into account the link with the United States,” he pointed out, insisting that “the relationship with the United States is weakening.”

In addition to the weakening of Europe, Aznar has detected another in Latin America. And it has detected a clear culprit. “Indigenism, new communism,” he said, to add that “indigenism can only go against Spain, not against the United States.”

Aznar has recovered the Mexican question to make a joke about the name of the country’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, and blurt out that they are the conquest of America by the Kingdom of Castile “you would not be there, you would not be called what you are called, he had not been baptized or the evangelization of America would have taken place. ”

Finally, Aznar has asked Casado to “repeal the Democratic Memory Law” when it comes to the government for being an “incitement to absurd revisionism.” He has also demanded that he repeal the educational laws and give “the cultural battle” in which, he said, he himself was “an example.”

“The battles that do not occur, are lost,” he said, to settle: “There is nothing worse than a political puppet of cultural tyrannies at the service of social networks. There is nothing worse than that.”

After almost an hour and a half of indoctrination, Aznar has settled his intervention: “For whatever you want I am humbly at your disposal.”

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