Thursday, October 28

Aznar puts Venezuela in the new ‘axis of evil’ in a plea in favor of the EU alliance with the US

Russia, China, Iran … and Venezuela. Is the new Axis of evil for the international right, whose highest representative in Spain is José María Aznar as president of FAES. At the closing of a conference of the organization he directs, the former president of the Government has attacked the current strategic direction of the EU, against the “surrender” of the US in Afghanistan and against the management of the pandemic by supranational organizations . In spite of everything, he said, the only way for Europe is precisely “to strengthen the transatlantic relationship” before the end of what has come to be called the “international liberal order”.

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Aznar has closed this Friday

Aznar closed the Faes Campus this Friday, which, under the title “The EU, a strategic actor in the post-pandemic”, has hosted different talks and conferences for a week. The former president has taken advantage of his final intervention to generally vindicate the economic lines of the autericide that the right has been defending in recent decades: “reestablish economic rules, reorganize the market and rebalance public accounts.” Aznar has warned that “the withdrawal of the ECB stimuli” is “close”, which will put the economies of the EU at risk.

An EU, he said, “that today is not strategic” at the international level. “It does not have the resources to be it, but neither does the political will. It lacks leadership, there is no common vision on security and defense strategy, beyond the strategy of the European military industry,” he assured.

For this reason, the EU lives relatively unaffected by the conflict over the new world order, which, Aznar has said, is not new, but has been accelerated by the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. The former president has taken the opportunity to attack, without mentioning them, the UN and WHO, noting that “the pandemic demonstrated that multilateral institutions have not been able to articulate a global response to a global problem” in the absence of capable international leadership. to attract the “necessary efforts.”

That absent leadership is that of the United States, which has not exercised it in the military field either. Aznar has harshly criticized the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which he has called “surrender”, to say that it seems that the country has “risen from the table where its global responsibilities were substantiated.” José María Aznar, of course, has ignored that it was during the Donald Trump Administration that the decision to leave the Central Asian country was made, for which a negotiation was opened with the Taliban, as well as that it was the president himself who managed the pandemic. The former Spanish president has generally cited the last three US Presidencies as shared responsibility.

In Aznar’s opinion, three transitions are underway in the world (technological, climatic and geopolitical) that have been “accelerated by the pandemic.” The first of them, he assured, takes the form of a “rivalry between the US and China.” At another time, he has also cited “indigenism” as a problem for Latin America. In his opinion, “the interdependence of globalization has become the vulnerability that can be exploited by different adversaries, such as Russia, Iran, Venezuela and of course China.” Aznar has warned that “the EU can remain as an observer of the battle, which will mark the future of Europe and the future of the international liberal order in the 21st century.” In this sense, he has stated: “We have to be aware of two things: the liberal order is changing and it is being attacked and undermined by internal and external enemies.”

However, he pointed out, “pandemics do not produce major strategic changes”, but rather “struggles and confrontations between powers and great powers” do. In this sense, “the withdrawal [de Afganistán] it is one of the events that will undoubtedly produce great strategic changes “, he pointed out.

Aznar’s conclusions are the usual ones: that the ties between the EU and the US must be strengthened, despite all the criticism he has launched against both organizations. The former president has expressed his opinion in the open debate on a hypothetical European army, to say that “it may be a long-term plan”, but that “today the EU” does not have a “strategic” role. “It does not have the resources to be it, but neither does the political will. It lacks leadership, there is no common vision on security and defense strategy, beyond that of the European military industry,” he added.

“We are natural allies, we fight common enemies, we share values ​​and systems,” he said, to conclude that “European strategic autonomy only makes sense if it contributes to strengthening the transatlantic relationship” which “is the key to assimilating this change in the liberal order. international”.