Friday, June 9

Aznar sponsors Ayuso’s speech on ETA: “Sánchez is willing to pay whatever price it is to continue in the Government”

The PP is using itself thoroughly in this electoral campaign after having positioned these elections as a first round of the general elections. With these expectations, the former president of the Government José María Aznar is touring the country to achieve this turnaround at the polls. This Monday he played Madrid, and specifically Alcobendas, to cover Isabel Díaz Ayuso. There, in one of the municipalities in the north of the region, Aznar has once again talked about ETA, embracing the regional president’s speech, but without asking for the outlawing of EH Bildu, something that Ayuso continues to demand of his party.

Ayuso’s fight for the absolute majority: attacks on Sánchez and challenge Feijóo


“When you agree with separatists and when you agree with former terrorists to be in power, it means that you are willing to pay whatever price it is to continue in government to continue in power, even if it is the price of constitutional order, even if it is the price of national sovereignty”, said the former president who has assured that if he is campaigning it is to avoid something like this. In the PP, he has defended, “cannot accept.”

Aznar has insisted on the importance of these elections and has warned that if the “Frankenstein and Sánchez coalition win on May 28, the “price to be paid by Spain” will be a consultation both in Catalonia and in the Basque Country, as demanded by “the separatists or former terrorists.” If that happens, the “constitutional order and the democratic transition” will have “disappeared”, Aznar warned. ”Another price is the whitewashing of the former Batasuna, Sortu or Bildu terrorists. In the end they are the same as always.”

Aznar has also set Feijóo and the regional candidates homework: “When we win the elections, now, on May 28, and then the general elections, whatever we have to repeal, we must repeal it.”

At that point, the former president has asked to unify the vote around the candidacy of the PP. “I want to say that all the votes that are not useful go to the bin because they make a better Spain and a viable Spain impossible, which is what we have to build.” Aznar has insisted that the vote must be “concentrated” in the PP and “group everything that is to the right of the left”, voting “usefully” for the Popular Party. That union, he has defended, that he achieved in the 90s allowed the PP to become an “essential pillar of democracy” and a “winning party.”

Shortly after, and at a time when the PP seeks to capture the votes of Vox, Ayuso has taken the baton and has assured that she wants to “unite everything that is to the right of the left.”

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