Monday, January 24

BAC Credomatic is committed to inclusive financial education for sustainable development

During the last two years, the region and particularly Panama has shown how relevant the strengthening and opening of financial education, digital banking and the inclusion of women and vulnerable groups within what is constituted is for the sustainable development of the country. like the financial health of Panamanians.

BAC Credomatic recognizes that financial training can impact the balance and socioeconomic well-being of citizens and all sectors, therefore, through its strategic sustainability management aimed at Communities, the entity develops and executes initiatives in response to the need to empower to citizens about the assertive management of their responsible finances.

“Finances for your future”, a financial education program aimed at school-age youth, has recently completed its third edition since it began in 2020.

The initiative developed in partnership with the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI) provides free personal finance education through a new model of experiences in workshops and debates where students participate in the construction of their financial knowledge, discuss the positive impacts of saving and the value of planning.

The program that has received the endorsement by the National Directorate of Curriculum and Educational Technology of the Ministry of Education (Meduca), aims to contribute to the growth and economic health of the youth population of Panama and generate alliances that make it possible to make visible at the national level the importance of financial education and the transcendental value it represents to lead a full life.

“For Finanzas para tu Futuro, we are proud to have built a robust agenda that includes basics such as savings, credit management and personal planning, even mental health, new emerging economies, investment beginnings. The responses of each of the students show us how important it is for them to feel prepared to face an adult life and in the ability to achieve their dreams, “he explained. Fernando Jaen, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, BAC Credomatic Panamá.

The results of the program include a total of 6,906 positive participants from more than 26 schools in the provinces of Panama, West Panama, Colón, Los Santos, Herrera, Veraguas, Coclé and Chiriquí.

The program included an intercollegiate contest that rewarded creativity in a savings expo where students used social media and their youthful tone to express their arguments with nine (9) winners of junior savings accounts worth $ 100.

“At BAC Credomatic, we work so that each of our efforts promote social sustainability and the culture of healthy finances through a client-centric philosophy that keeps us connected to the needs of the community we serve. Finances for your future represents our vision ”added Jaén.