Saturday, October 16

Back with the Constitution

These days Congress is discussing, to say the least, the replacement of the term “handicapped” by “people with disabilities” and it is still curious that both PP and Vox have vetoed this CERMI initiative, proposed by the PSOE, by the most unusual motifs that we can imagine. On the one hand, there is the Popular Party saying that “how are we going to open the melon of reforming the constitution with the independentists lurking”, that this is very dangerous, that the Pandora’s box is opening … of course. On the other hand, Vox, whose argument is even more absurd: the people who are asking for this name change are the same people who abort people with disabilities. Gentlemen, CERMI is an organization that defends living people with disabilities, does not abort them. The argument that there are people who abort is so strange that it is even laughable. The issue is that when the term “homosexual marriage” was proposed, little less than they took to the streets because we all know that language matters, creates our reality and it did not suit them that it could be equated, oh damn, to their beloved ecclesiastical marriage . And this is not about anything other than classism. The fact that people with disabilities want recognition at the legal level, not only administratively, but we speak of our Magna Carta, only highlights a glaring fact: we are still second-class citizens and that is intolerable in any case. minimally democratic society.

If we delve into the underlying problem, it is not the name change, clearly, it is the fact that the proposal comes from whoever comes. And that cannot be allowed, because in this country we are too used to seeing how all parties veto each other so as not to put forward proposals, no matter how beneficial they are for us, the people. And this must begin to change now. Vox and the Popular Party, in line with what is happening, should be ashamed of not accessing in a simple and easy way to a constitutional change that is mandatory. Not only because it restores our dignity as people, but it also begins to glimpse a change in trend, which is the possibility of not having a closed, moth-eaten Constitution, alien to our time.

The Constitution was a very valuable tool at the time, but it is time to adapt the text to our current needs. We know that it is difficult, but it is something that we have to demand from all politicians, from one sign to another. We cannot continue at the expense of blockades. The constitutional mechanisms have to be decentralized in some way so that the parties cannot instrumentalize the requests of the people.

We all know that this is a difficult process, but I ask you all to fight for quality politicians, to answer for us, and not to be forgotten as it happens every time the elections are over.

Ah, one thing, the photo that illustrates this article is from a sheet music, which is the only place where the handicapped are. The chords.

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