Saturday, December 10

Baldoví reminds Feijóo of his photo with Marcial Dorado after his words about drugs: “You did this on purpose”

Alberto Núñez Feijóo declared this Thursday in Ecuador that “the people who are dedicated to drug trafficking are heartless criminals […] and when this multiplies, a country goes into decline”. It is conceivable that, as leader of the opposition and candidate for the presidency of the Government, a politician like Feijóo would want by all means to avoid pointing his words at any detail of past times that he preferred to leave there, in the past.

And more so when one is immersed in a tour to raise his international profile as a candidate.

And even more so when anyone can bring out the worst files in the newspaper library with a simple tweet.

But Feijóo, who is already used to starring in weekly headlines with statements that range from the enigmatic to the incomprehensible, has done it again.

The first to connect his words about drug trafficking and that photograph with the smuggler Marcial Dorado during the summer of 1995 was Joan Baldoví, Compromís spokesperson in the Congress of Deputies.

“Alberto: you have done this on purpose”, the deputy wrote in a message with two images, one of Feijóo’s statements and another of the stamp taken in Vigo in 1995 and published by the newspaper El País at the end of 2013. Nine years have passed but the relevance of those photos of the opposition leader with the smuggler and drug trafficker Dorado when the now leader of the PP was responsible for Health in Galicia.

Feijóo then declared that for years he had been the victim of private messages with the alleged intention of “intimidating” him. Three years later, already as president of the Xunta de Galicia and candidate for re-election, he also admitted that he “knew” Dorado, but not his “activity”, despite the fact that he had already been arrested twice for smuggling tobacco when they met. And in 2018, during an interview in ‘Salvados’, he added that he did not know what Dorado was doing, even though he traveled with him to the Canary Islands, Ibiza or Portugal.

Taking into account that at that time, when Feijóo was number two in Galician health and Dorado had been linked to money laundering operations, the now leader of the PP would take advantage of any resource to avoid appearing, once again, in headlines accompanied by the same postcard from that summer of 95. But today, Feijóo has reminded us once again.