Tuesday, October 4

Baleària will launch the first electric ferry next summer at the port accesses for the Ibiza-Formentera route

The Baleària company, based in Dénia, will be the first in Spain dedicated to maritime transport to put into service a hybrid ferry that will work with electric batteries during stays and arrivals and departures to port, which will avoid the emission of emissions.

It is a new concept of ship destined for the Ibiza-Formentera route that, in addition to promoting a more eco-efficient and sustainable trip, will have a test laboratory for the use of green hydrogen.

the ferry Cap of Barbariawhose name comes from the emblematic place that gives its name to one of the two lighthouses of Formentera, will be launched on September 28 at the Armón de Vigo shipyard and will be put into service for next summer.

As reported by company sources to elDiario.es, the new ferry will improve air quality in the ports and surroundings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to the rest of the ships that operate this route.

“This ship represents an important leap and for us it has an emotional component, since despite being small and simple, it aspires to be the most sustainable of the fleet, being electric and incorporating hydrogen technology on an experimental basis”, highlights the president of Baleària Adolfo Utor,

Thus, it will be able to transport 14 trucks and 350 passengers with a very tight energy consumption, without emitting polluting gases in port thanks to its electric propulsion powered by batteries that are recharged during the journey, which will be carried out with diesel once it is sailed on the high seas. . Thanks to this technology and its optimized design, the Cap de Barbaria will be the ship with the lowest consumption and emissions of the company, maintaining the load capacity required by the route.

The ship is 83 meters long and 15 meters wide, it will be able to navigate at up to 12.5 knots and will connect the Pitiuses in one hour. As for passage, outdoor spaces focused on the summer market have prevailed. In this way, it will have terraces at different levels where you can enjoy the views of the sea during the crossing and with services such as areas chill outa large bar with space for DJ and a shower area to cool off.

In addition, the Cap of Barbaria It will be essential for the supply of essential services to Formentera with a warehouse that can transport up to 14 trucks. the ship will be double endedthat is to say, operating both from the bow and from the stern, which will speed up loading and unloading operations and maneuvers in port.

A future linked to biomethane and hydrogen

From 2018 to 2022, the company has made an investment of 380 million euros in sustainability, mainly with the implementation of natural gas engines. In this way, it already has nine boats out of the thirty that make up its fleet.

The goal that has been set is to achieve carbon-neutral emissions by 2050, “knowing that maritime transport is not easily decarbonizable at the moment, because there is no mature technology and because of its high prices,” say company sources.

Currently, natural gas is a more environmentally friendly fossil fuel that reduces CO2 emissions by 30%, NOx emissions by 85% and eliminates 100% of sulfur emissions and particles that are harmful to health.

However, Baleària sources acknowledge that in the current socioeconomic context they have been forced to reduce the consumption of natural gas and point to biomethane and hydrogen as ecological fuels of the future, in whose development the company has now turned.

“Despite the fact that last fall we decided to limit the use of this fuel due to the skyrocketing growth in the price of gas, during 2021 we stopped emitting 23% of CO2 thanks to the use of gas in our new generation fleet. This figure reflects the efficiency of this fuel and our desire to lead and accelerate the objective of reducing emissions to 55% by 2030, as established by European regulations. Fit for 55”, they explain.


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