Wednesday, December 8

Baleia handles 2,207 bitcoins that have been stopped since 2013

A transaction of 2,207 bitcoins, equivalent to 790 million reais, caught the community’s attention this Wednesday (10). The reason, in addition to the amount, is that the portfolio had been idle since October 2013.

As a result, the whale’s address was among the top 1,000 with the most bitcoins stored. At the time, October 2013, this amount was equivalent to $270,000 as bitcoin was costing $122 per unit.

A month later, in November, Bitcoin came in at $1,163, making it nearly 10 times a month in profit, yet the user didn’t sell his coins at the time.

In addition to bitcoin, the user also has the same amount of coins (2,207) as other Bitcoin forks, such as Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Making you a little richer than you already are.

big whale

In addition to representing about 0.01% of the total BTC in circulation, the amount of 2,207 bitcoins placed this wallet among the 1,000 addresses with the most bitcoins in the world.

Despite the transparency of the blockchain, which allows tracking transactions, it is not possible to identify who is the near-billionaire who moved 790 million reais in bitcoin.

Whale moves 2,207 BTC after 8 years. Source: Blockchair

Likewise, it is not possible to know the destination of this money, which was divided into two parts, 300 and 1,907 BTC. Furthermore, these amounts didn’t sit still for long, being moved to various other addresses through various transactions between yesterday and today.

More money in the other pocket

In addition to these bitcoins (BTC), the whale also owns 2,207 BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and 2,207 BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi Vision) that were earned by creating these Bitcoin forks. Plus other minor forks coins in financial terms.

Thus, in addition to 790 million reais in BTC, the whale also has 80 million in Bitcoin Cash and another 2 million in Bitcoin Satoshi Vision. Despite this, these amounts have not yet been moved.

The movement of funds took place after Bitcoin reached the mark of 69 thousand dollars this Wednesday (10). Perhaps this user was holding their coins until the BTC arrived at this mystical number.

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