Monday, May 29

Banco Azteca’s ‘Learn and Grow’ program has trained more than 2,800 Panamanians

Through various online educational courses, The Learn and Grow Business and Financial Education Program managed to train a total of 2,882 Panamanians, including small entrepreneurs, university students, adolescents and the general public.

They learned to invest their money and to be in good financial health.

Culture of Financial Health, Cybersecurity, How to get out of debt without dying trying? and Reinventing your business, were some of the topics that were addressed and that were carried out in alliance with financial institutions such as the Superintendence of Banks, Cidete, among others.

In this way, Panamanians received privileged information to be able to face different moments and economic challenges in their lives. Likewise, the participants in these trainings had access to formats to prepare a personal budget and an inventory of debts, which will be of great help to them when making decisions regarding income and expenses.

And although the whole year is conducive to putting into practice what has been learned, the month of January becomes the first challenge to go through, because after the end of the year festivities comes the famous “January slope”, at which time, almost There are always difficulties in assuming the expenses incurred in December such as gifts, excess outings and others.

Faced with this situation, Banco Azteca’s Learn and Grow experts refresh the memory of its users by giving them some recommendations to face this January, which tends to be the longest month of the year.

No more last minute purchases. Make an advance list of what you have to buy for current expenses. Do not buy before you do not have this list and respect it. Forget non-essential items.

Be a smart consumer. Not always buying the cheapest means the best purchase. Analyzing which product or service, in relation to its price, is going to be more useful to us or last longer makes you a better consumer.

Do not spend the budget in its entirety. If you were lucky enough to find discounts and it allows you to save a little, save it! Some unforeseen event may arise and you need it.

Avoid centering all the cats on one person. If you are not the only one who contributes to the household economy, divide the expenses according to the scope of each family member.

Use credits like the experts. Credit cards and loans in general are excellent tools to build short and medium-term wealth; The trick to taking advantage of them and avoiding over-indebtedness is knowing your ability to pay with the help of a personal budget.