Wednesday, January 19

Banco Sabadell’s occupational pension funds triumph at the IPE Pensions Awards

The Investment & Pensions Europe organization has awarded three awards to two funds from BanSabadell Pensiones at its annual gala held in Madrid, in which the best pension funds in Europe in 2021 are recognized.

The first award given at the ceremony went to GM Pensiones, the Banco de Sabadell Employees Fund, who received the award for the best defined contribution fund in Europe.

In this award, the judges reward the funds that describe their structure and their defined contribution or hybrid model in an innovative way, complying with the income and returns expectations of their participants, with a balanced governance structure and distribution of risks and with the best diversified investment options.

The background hhas obtained in the last 3 years a profitability of 5.7 percent APR and in the last twelve months 10.6 percent.

Award for the best pension fund in Spain

The second prize of the night also went to GM Pensiones as the best occupational pension fund in Spain. It is awarded in each country to the fund that has a long history of implementing the best governance, management and profitability practices.

It was also finalist in the category of the best occupational pension fund in Europe.

The best active strategy fund

The third prize was obtained by Dupont Employees Fund as the best European Active Strategy employment fund.

In this modality, the judges reward the active management of investments and their governance model, using external and internal managers and combining the best practices of each one.

Among the areas of interest in this award, the judges value the active role of all asset classes, the performance expectations on a risk-adjusted basis with their control models and the monitoring of the managers.

Life cycle implementation

BanSabadell Pensiones has also received, related to the Dupont Fund, the express mention of the jury, highlighting its innovation and consolidation in the implementation of the life cycle as a model for the management of pension funds, being a pioneer in its development in Spain.

With this plan, Dupont has implemented a model in which the risk is adapted for each participant, which materializes by reducing the investment in equities and increasing the investment in fixed income, as the retirement date approaches.

This life cycle management has resulted in high profitability, which in the case of the Dupont pensions have had an average annual return of 6.6 percent in the last 7 years for the growth fund, and 2.5 percent for the more conservative fund aimed at preservation.

BanSabadell Vida y Pensiones has implemented this life cycle model in the management of all its pension savings solutions, both in individual pension plans with the Sabadell Futuro Plans, as well as in joint promotion employment plans for small and medium-sized companies and in collective retirement plans.

Individual pension plans

The Sabadell Futuro individual pension plans were the first in the market to consider, in addition to the time horizon, the risk profile of the client, thus allowing them to adapt as much as possible to their needs.

This has allowed 6 of these plans marketed by Banco Sabadell are at the top of Inverco’s profitability ranking in recent years in the categories of Mixed Fixed Income and Mixed Variable Income:

According to bank sources, “the notoriety of the Awarded Funds demonstrates one more year the management capacity of BanSabadell Pensiones not only at a Spanish level but also internationally, offering the best investment solutions for each model and knowing how to adapt to the different movements of the market, demonstrating its solidity and profitability for its clients. “

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