Friday, June 9

Bankinter: Its graph points to recoveries of up to 18%

Bankinter today cut ground slightly, 0.58% to 5.1480 euros, but according to its graph there are several positive signs, as explained by the independent analyst Ramón Bermejo.

The value ended last friday describing a hammer figure and reversal, with high volume, higher than in the two decay sessions. And also today it has validated the pattern, once it has exceeded 5,178 euros. This indicates that we can expect a recovery today and tomorrow highs above those of today’s session.

At a technical level, the value could be developing a wave five, towards the upper side of a channel estimated by splitting, which would mean a recovery to 5,895 euros.

This would be a recovery of more than 13% from the opening price of this Monday.

In monthly Series, we also see positive elements: inside bar figure in December, validation in January and new highs in February, pointing to recoveries of 18%.


Check here the technical indicators of Investment Strategies for Bankinter, which show that the value is in the consolidation phase.