Wednesday, December 7

Banksy leaves his trail among the ruins of Ukraine

Banksy, the enigmatic British street artist, has traveled to Ukraine to capture his work on the ruins of the bombings. Specifically, the cartoonist has passed through the city of Borodianka, in the Ukraine, to represent a rhythmic gymnast practicing a balance exercise on the remains of a building destroyed by the bombing of the war.

In a post on his Instagram account, the artist has published three photos of his work. The first is a short shot in which the dancer, painted in black and white, is seen balanced on her arms, with her gaze on the ground and her legs raised. An intermediate step to what is technically known in the sport as inverted hand balance.

In the second image, the camera moves away and the work remains in the lower third of the image, drawn under a pile of accumulated rubble. The image reveals a dilapidated building, apparently destroyed by bombs. The third photograph shows the full size of the building, about ten stories, and the full dimension of the destruction. The dancer remains in a small point below the construction, balancing on one of the building’s beams.

Borodianka is one of the sprawling cities on the outskirts of kyiv. At the beginning of the war, Russian troops entered the north of Ukraine, from Belarus, in dozens of these cities located on the outskirts of the capital, where they remained for little more than a month. In April, the Ukrainian troops managed to regain control of these territories and were able to verify the trail of death left by the Russian forces during their occupation, with mass graves and bodies in the streets.

After the publication of the post on his profile, news agencies have distributed more photos of his works around kyiv, although some of these drawings could already be seen a few months ago. Those who discovered the drawings then attributed them to the artist, who has only now confirmed his passage through the country invaded by Russia since February of this year.

The British artist, whose identity is unknown, has previously captured some of his works in other territories in conflict. In 2005 traveled to the wall built by the Government of Israel in the West Bank, called ‘Il yidaar il phasel’ (Segregation Wall) by the Palestinians. There he printed a negative of a girl flying thanks to a bunch of helium balloons; also some children playing with a bucket and shovels, who, digging into the wall, discover a wild beach on the other side.

A few months ago, a graffiti by the author was auctioned in London for charity in support of a Ukrainian children’s hospital, a raffle that reached the figure of 81,000 pounds.

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