Tuesday, October 4

Bannon to be indicted on new border wall fundraising fraud charges

The New York Prosecutor’s Office plans to file charges against far-right Steve Bannon, a former adviser to former United States President Donald Trump, according to several local media. Bannon would be accused of state fraud related to his role in a fundraising plan to build a border wall, according to two sources close to the facts told the British media. Guardian. The former adviser plans to appear in court this Thursday, newspapers report Washington Post Y New York Times.

The cursed wall: the scams, fudges and crimes of Trump’s star promise

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Bannon had already been charged at the federal level for defrauding donors for the construction of the border wall in 2020, but before leaving the White House, President Trump granted him a pardon. Presidents can only grant pardons at the federal level, so he can still be charged in this case at the state level. According to sources of GuardianAlmost immediately after the pardon was known, the New York District Attorney’s Office began a statewide investigation against the controversial former adviser.

Several close allies of Bannon have been subpoenaed to testify in recent months, sources told the British newspaper, adding that the former adviser learned of the intentions of the prosecution in recent days and that the state charges will probably reflect the federal case in which he was pardoned. .

More than one million euros

In 2020, Bannon and three others were accused of falsely claiming they would not accept compensation for their work raising funds on the private project “We Build the Wall,” which was intended to finance part of the construction of the wall on the US border. and Mexico.

The former adviser was accused of personally keeping more than a million dollars of what people had donated. In total, the four defendants in the case raised more than $25 million in the crowdfunding online, which also promised donors that all proceeds would go towards building the wall.

Bannon pleaded not guilty to federal charges in August 2020, but two others, Brian Kolfage and Andrew Badolato, pleaded guilty to siphoning off money from the scheme and defrauding others for their own benefit.

In a statement collected by the NBC channel, Bannon acknowledged that the New York authorities planned to “file false charges” against him, and specified that this happens “60 days before the mid-term elections” (scheduled for next November), implying that behind it there are electoral motivations. Trump’s former adviser has charged against the Prosecutor’s Office and has described what happened as “partisan use of the penal system as a political weapon.”

Last July, Bannon was found guilty of contempt of Congress, for which he could be sentenced to up to a year in prison and fined up to $200,000.


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