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Barbados, the first nation in the world to open an embassy in the Metaverse

Decentraland has announced the signing of an agreement with the Government of Barbados to begin opening the world’s first embassy in the metaverse. The construction of this virtual headquarters was approved by the country’s executive last August. And its launch is expected next January.

Gabriel Abed, Barbados’ ambassador to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), said that the country’s government is signing several agreements with various metaverses, with the aim of developing new government headquarters in the digital world. The news was confirmed by Decentraland, one of the most complete metaverses in the blockchain industry, which published on its Twitter account the arrival of Barbados to its virtual domains.

Big tech wants our dreams in the metaverse too

Barbados and the Metaverse

Since Facebook announced its name change to colonize the Metaverse, big technology companies and governments have begun to devise new strategies to enter the confines of the digital universe. Interest in blockchain technology and NFTs is creating new, previously unsuspected use cases. In the case of Barbados, his government’s plans aim to offer new services to its 285,000 citizens in the Metaverse. The idea is to build new communication and interconnection capabilities that go beyond the limits of space.

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Abed said that Barbados will build headquarters in various metaverses and that it will help citizens to teleport in each of them. He indicated that the Metaverse is young and just being built, so its real potential has yet to be explored.

Expansion into virtual lands

The idea of ​​developing virtual headquarters in different metaverses and interconnecting its citizens in each one of them responds to not choosing a single winner, but rather to help in the development, growth and consolidation of each one of them. A) Yes, Barbados is acquiring several lots of digital land in a variety of virtual worlds. In addition to Decentraland, to build its headquarters it has also chosen spaces in Somnium Space or SuperWorld, among others. The Barbados ambassador pointed out that the government wants to expand its diplomatic missions to the entire world, through these completely digital venues. The Barbados Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Science and Technology are at the forefront of this innovation.

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Velectronic isas and more

The Barbados ambassador explained that through the Metaverse its citizens will be able to carry out procedures in a simple way, without leaving their homes and no matter where they are. For example, in these digital facilities they will be able to access the issuance of electronic visas. Abed believes that the Metaverse has great potential to help the country identify and develop new diplomatic opportunities.

MANA, from Decentraland

The launch of the world’s first metaverse embassy in Decentraland may propel the value of your MANA token to new all-time highs. In the last month, MANA has appreciated more than 300% driven by Facebook’s plans in the Metaverse. The price of the MANA token was $ 0.80 USD in early October and is now trading above $ 3 USD per unit. MANA reached a new all-time high of $ 4.11 on October 31.

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In addition to Barbados, Vladimir Putin, President of Russia, is also showing interest in the Metaverse. During his participation in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Journey 2021 conference, Putin stated that the world needs to make use of the capabilities of the Metaverse to develop new forms of social and economic interaction. According to his statements, from the Metaverse new ways can be developed to “communicate, work, study, start creative and business projects” and much more, regardless of the distance.

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