Monday, December 5

Barça ultras leave three Osasuna fans injured and destroy a Pamplona bar

Barça ultras have left three people injured and have destroyed a bar in the Iturrama neighborhood of Pamplona in the run-up to the match between Osasuna and Barça in the Navarran capital. The aggression has been committed by a group of strangers carrying sticks and who have launched a flare nearby.

The Municipal Police of Pamplona is investigating the events. The three injured have had to be evacuated to the University Hospital of Navarra, although their condition is not serious.

The attack occurred between half past five and a quarter to six in the afternoon. A group of people have entered the premises and have attacked those who were inside with sticks, while causing significant damage to the bar, as reported by the Pamplona Municipal Police. In addition, they have launched a flare nearby, which has forced firefighters to go to the scene.

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