Wednesday, September 27

Barcelona advances the closure of bars and terraces in areas affected by night noise

Ciutat Vella is the noisiest district in Barcelona, ​​the one in which more streets continuously exceed the permitted limit of 45 decibels. The bottles, but above all the terraces of bars and restaurants and the nightlife venues are the ingredients that have led the residents to file complaints with the town hall.

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Faced with this situation, the City Council has announced measures to reduce noise pollution in the streets and squares considered Acoustically Stressed Areas at Night (ZATHN): Joaquim Costa, Escudellers, Allada Vermell and Almirall Churruca streets, as well as the Plazas dels Àngels and by George Orwell.

The first of these measures is based on advancing the closure of restoration activities in the ZATHN of Ciutat Vella by one hour. Bars and restaurants must close at 02:00, while terraces must be picked up at 23:00 throughout the week. For its part, the food sales premises will close at 10:00 p.m.

Another measure announced by the consistory is to limit the number of modules allowed for terraces and it will not be allowed to join tables, limiting groups to four people or the family nucleus, in such a way that large groups will move to the interiors of the premises.

It has also been decreed that the tables and chairs on the terraces have plastic covers so that they do not make noise when moving. In addition, the chains that secure the outdoor elements must be plasticized.

To ensure compliance with these measures, the City Council will promote inspection plans and reinforce the presence of the Guàrdia Urbana to reduce uncivil behaviour.