Thursday, September 29

Barcelona denies 70% of requests to consolidate terrace extensions due to the pandemic

The Barcelona City Council has so far denied seven out of ten requests to consolidate the extraordinarily expanded bar terraces during the pandemic, as published by El Periódico, based on data from the Restaurant Guild.

The hoteliers of Madrid come out of the pandemic with 4,500 more tables on their terraces

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Likewise, the consistory has only analyzed 55% of the 2,786 applications received until March. They asked to maintain, definitively, the extension of the terrace granted during the Covid, in such a way that space was gained from the road to be able to maintain the social distance between tables.

The slowness of the processing process means that there are only 459 that have the approved prototypes to separate the terraces from road traffic, instead of the yellow concrete blocks or the pivots that were placed temporarily and exceptionally. Thus, the 1,252 terraces whose applications have yet to be evaluated will maintain these elements.

In parallel, the union is managing hundreds of resources against the denied terraces and ensures that the process is “a disaster and nonsense.”

According to data from the City Council, at the time, 3,618 bar and restaurant terrace extensions were granted, of which 1,483 are on the road and 2,135 on the sidewalk.

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