Sunday, December 10

Barcelona promotes wine tourism at Fitur

Wine and tourism. A good combination. The Barcelona Provincial Council has taken advantage of the celebration of the International Tourism Fair (Feature) in Madrid to present the project “Rutes del Vi de Barcelona”, together with Tcity ​​of Barcelona and in collaboration with appellations of origin (DO) Alella, Pla de Bages and Penedès.

The project, presented by the president of the Diputació, Núria Marín, has “an international vision” and has the participation of forty wineries from the aforementioned DOs and allows Barcelona to position itself as a wine tourism destination, attracting new visitors to the city and the province. According to Marín, this initiative aims to “take advantage of the potential of Barcelona brand, which has a tourist strength and complement it with an environment that only an hour away has wonderful landscapes, leisure spaces and allows you to enjoy wine tourism and gastronomy linked to culture”.

Marín stressed that the provincial body he presides over works with the territory, supporting and promoting initiatives such as the “Rutes del Ví”. In his opinion, this project is “a clear example of a “sightseeing respectful, sustainable and linked to the sustainable development goals (SDG)”.

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From Turisme de Barcelona, ​​its president, Edward Torres, defends the city’s commitment to the territory and in this area of ​​synergies, taking advantage of the powerful brand of the Catalan capital, we are working on a “comprehensive wine tourism plan to give visibility to the productive fabric of our wineries, which includes training and restoration, as well as of numerous actions in the field of food and wine“.

The routes are made up of numerous wineries that offer wine tourism experiences and in different languages. In turn, a large number of accommodation, restaurants, shops and activity companies. The project is also related to sustainability, by promoting visits outside the city and, at the same time, boosting the tourism sector in the Barcelona regions.