Sunday, December 10

Barcelona will choose 100 citizens in a draw to debate actions against climate change

Barcelona City Council will convene a deliberative assembly in charge of deciding actions in the face of the climate emergency. The initiative will start in September and will be made up of a hundred people between the ages of 16 and 75 chosen by lottery.

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The objective is for the chosen group to present a document to the municipal government with recommendations and proposals to deal with the climate crisis. The proposals will be the result of various debates and deliberative processes.

For the selection process, the City Council will send the information to 20,000 people. The pre-selection will have been based on social stratification criteria based on gender, age, origin and neighborhood. Once the consent to participate has been received, the 100 chosen will be decided randomly, “ensuring that it corresponds to a representative sample of the citizens of Barcelona”, as stated by the consistory.

Once the participants have been chosen, they will debate for a period of two months to find the proposals and actions that they want to present to the City Council. The final presentation of the results is scheduled for January 2023.

Thus, Barcelona becomes one of the first cities to develop this proposal at the local level, following recent international experiences such as the French, Scottish or Spanish climate assembly.