Tuesday, July 5

Barclays compensates thousands of Blue Rewards customers after underpaying monthly cashback-and some have received £100+

We were first notified of the payments by MoneySaver Carl Slater, 58, from Stoke-On-Trent. Carl, who works as a regional news editor, opened his Barclays current account in 2017 to benefit from the perks of its Blue Rewards scheme as he already held a Barclays mortgage.

Carl should have received £14/mth in total as he joined under a double rewards offer, which meant he’d get £7/mth from the current account and £7/mth from the mortgage, although this would have fallen to £10 /mth in reality once you take the fee into account.

When Carl realised he wasn’t being paid the correct amount he challenged the bank at the time, but he says it failed to resolve the issue so he switched away, closing his Barclays account in the process. Carl adds that he was “surprised” to then receive a letter out of the blue four years later explaining he was due a £133 payment.

Carl said: “I’m a big MoneySavingExpert.com (MSE) fan, and always switch regularly to get the best deals. I’d spotted an article on MSE talking about the double rewards offer and switched to Barclays. I knew that I wasn’t receiving the right amount and took it up with Barclays, but just got fobbed off so I switched again. I was surprised to receive the letter, almost four years since I closed down the account.”