Sunday, January 16

Barnes & Noble Introduces Nook GlowLight 4 After Forgetting About eReaders For Four Years

If you think brands like Amazon or Kobo don’t renew their e-book readers often enough, maybe you should take a look at the Barnes & Noble launch schedule. The company has presented its new eReader, the Nook GlowLight 4, four years after its previous generation.

USB-C, 32 GB and one month of autonomy

Four years go a long way and it shows from the beginning in the size of the new model: the GlowLight 4 noticeably reduces its frames while preserving its 6-inch screen and 300 dpi (the same density as the Kindle Paperwhite). The panel gains color temperature control for low-light environments, and the battery promises a month of autonomy.

The device adopts USB-C connection as the charging port, and your storage becomes 32GB so that e-book storage is practically unlimited. The 2017 GlowLight 3 had “only” 8GB inside. And naturally, the reader’s content will be fed by the publisher’s own digital store.

Barnes & Noble will release this GlowLight 4 on December 8 for about 149 dollars (currently in the United States), and will be challenged to compete against the ranges of readers of Amazon and Kobo. Company president James Daunt has hinted that this may be the first in a series of new e-book reader models to “revitalize” the range.

Third big competitor in the market? It will be difficult, but nothing is impossible and users always win when there is more competition. Of course, for the Nook fans, December 8 is going to be a great day.