Wednesday, July 6

Bars, discos and trauma

The number is so large that it is not comparable to anything that any living generation has known in a single year. In 2020, 74,227 more people died than in 2019. It is an increase of 17%. With that increase, the total death toll was the highest in 100 years. The data is creepy you have them all here.

Madrid is the community with the highest excess mortality in 2020. It has had 37% more than what had been the average from 2015 to 2019. Castilla-La Mancha, a community bordering Madrid, is the next with the greatest impact. The province with the most dramatic figures, along with Madrid, is Segovia.

I hope we never see something like this again. For that to be possible, there is a question that is becoming more and more important now that we are being vaccinated: How long does immunity against coronavirus last? Can I get sick again? How long is the vaccine effective? For those of us who have generated natural antibodies, it seems that protection is long-term; vaccines also seem to give long-lasting immunity. But we cannot travel to the future to study, so only time will tell.

  • Biosafety. No one has proven that the coronavirus came from a laboratory leak, but speculation has led to nervousness about its safety. A team of experts share in this article the results of their research on laboratory biosafety most sophisticated in the world.

Pardons without much insult

Perhaps the worst is yet to come when they are actually approved, but we are not seeing the perfect storm against pardons that most of us expected.

The Government has before it the opportunity to give them the green light with the wind in favor: the Columbus demonstration was a political failure, the signature campaign does not exist, the king stands in profile in the face of Ayuso’s provocations, the barons and old guards of the PSOE have restrained themselves, the majority of Congress supports the Government’s initiative and even the CEOE and the Church have been in favor.

On Monday, Pedro Sánchez will hold an event at the Liceo de Barcelona to defend the decision to pardon the independence prisoners. On Tuesday there is the Council of Ministers.

Madrid Supremacism

While Pablo Casado continues for grapes, Isabel Díaz Ayuso continues to be the center of attention of the right. In an inauguration speech that goes a long way, has announced an aid of 500 euros per month for two years for each child born in Madrid with a small print that smells regular: the baby check will only be for women under 30 who have been registered in Madrid for more than 10 years, which leaves out both foreign and national immigrants who work, study and live in Madrid. Oh, if this was done by Catalunya.

By the way, experts tell us that the ‘baby checks’, including those made by Zapatero, they don’t usually work much to boost the births.


Do not pass

  • Kitchen. It is difficult to follow the thread of the maze of names, maneuvers and defendants in the trial that investigates the espionage operation mounted by the PP to escape the black money scandal. But there are important news every day. Today’s again point to Cospedal.
  • Parked. The National Commission of Markets and Competition announced in 2015 that it would make a report on the possible “extraordinary benefits” of electricity companies. Have you read it? Neither you nor anyone else, because it was not done. “It was parked”.
  • Refugee Day. In 2020 there has been a record of people who have had to migrate against their will, despite the restrictions of the pandemic. Some 82 million displaced, according to a UNHCR report.
  • Feminism. We began to publish a series of reports with a gender perspective in collaboration with media around the world. First: Beauty salons and barber shops that fight against gender violence in Brazil. And also, feminism in museums.


Tertullian Trivial

Blue – In which country that claims to be neutral have Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin met?

rose – What son of a clown, series producer and opera composer has premiered a television program about the favorite songs of his interviewees?

Yellow – In what year did Pedro Sánchez win the primaries for the general secretary of the PSOE with the endorsement of Susana Díaz?

Brown – What is the name of the Minister of Education?

Green – What kind of animal is capable of entering a cricket, controlling its mind and making it jump into the water to lay eggs?

Orange – Which footballer has made headlines for taking Coca-Cola bottles away from him during a European Championship press conference?


Blue – In Switzerland

rose – Emilio Aragon

Yellow – 2014

Brown – Isabel Celaá

Green – Nematomopha / Hair Worm (I take it for good if you say worm)

Orange – Cristiano Ronaldo


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