Tuesday, October 19

Bartomeu disassociates himself before the judge from the campaign against his critics and the blacklist of journalists

The former president of FC Barcelona Josep Maria Bartomeu has disassociated himself this Monday before the judge of the campaign on social networks against his critics and from the black list of journalists executed by the business conglomerate I3 Ventures on behalf of the club.

Bartomeu has declared this Monday as being investigated as a result of the complaint for insults filed by the businessman Jaume Roures, one of the entrepreneurs, players and coaches who was the subject of a smear campaign on social networks prepared by I3 Ventures, directed by another defendant in the case, Carlos Ibáñez. Roures exercises the private prosecution in the case.

The key question of the case is to determine if Bartomeu commissioned the services of I3 Ventures knowing that it implied a smear campaign against his opponents and if in fact the former president confused the defense of his personal interests with those of the club, something that denies the defense of the former president, practiced by the lawyer José María Fuster-Fabra.

As explained by the lawyer at the exit of the statement, the former president was not aware of the tweets against critics until he received the complaint from Roures, and with Ibáñez “he only spoke once.” Fuster-Fabra has also defended the hiring of I3 Ventures services because “they did not know what was happening on social networks”, although he has disassociated it from critical tweets, since according to his version his job was only to control what was said of the club in networks.

By making a brief statement, lasting only ten minutes, Bartomeu has addressed the most critical issue of Barçagate, the contract divisions to pay I3 Ventures. The club even camouflaged payments to I3 Ventures as expenses of La Masia, the training center for young Barça players.


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