Friday, December 3

Basic food basket increased 2.6% and a family needed $ 72,365 to avoid being poor

Both the monthly rise of the CBT, which defines the level of poverty, and that of the CBA, which marks the level of indigence, increased in October below the inflation of the month of 3.5%.

In the inter-annual comparison, the total basic basket registered an increase of 45.0%, while the basic food basket grew from October of the previous year, by 49.3%. Both baskets increased their cost below the rise in retail prices in the last twelve months, which stood at 52.1%, according to the Consumer Price Index (CPI).

Since last December, the increase in CBT is 45%, and exceeds by four percentage points the rise in retail prices in the same period of 41.8%. On the other hand, the food basket increased by 33.5% in the first ten months of the year, and is seven percentage points below the evolution of inflation in that period.

Meanwhile, in the first fortnight of November, the food basket that the Free Consumers group relies on registered a rise of 1.3%. According to the report, warehouse products rose 1.4% in the first half of November, led by increases in noodles (4.1%) and eggs (4.6%), while milk rose 2.3% . Fruits and vegetables increased 1.2%, and the falls in tomato (-15.6%) and chard pack (-5.5%) stand out; while the meats included in the basket rose 1.2%.

“The price freeze has a good level of compliance in the large supermarket chains, which represent 30% of the retail outlets in mass consumption in the country. However, the temperature and price variation in the rest of the formats such as national and Chinese supermarkets, warehouses or small shops is greater and impossible to complete, ”said Damián DiPace, director of the consulting firm Focus Market.

“For the first half of November, the price variation is at the same level as last month without a price freeze. We see a flat inflation of 3% with an acceleration in the month of December that always seasonally the food and beverages category have price increases due to the holidays ”, Di Pace explained.

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