Wednesday, November 30

Batet charges in the act of the Constitution against the “populist” strategy of Vox and the “judicialization of politics” of the PP

The president of the Congress of Deputies, Meritxell Batet, took advantage of her intervention on Monday at the act of commemoration of the 43rd anniversary of the Constitution to vindicate the “character of agreement” of the Magna Carta, against the strategy of “confrontation” that It is increasingly seen in the Lower House, especially by the right-wing of PP, Vox and Ciudadanos. Batet has in fact mentioned the “risk of transferring a populist vision of reality”, in clear allusion to the extreme right, and that of the “judicialization of politics” practiced by both Vox and the PP.

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During her speech, the president of the Lower House has also demanded “effective” compliance with the Magna Carta in matters such as “effective equality”, the “recognition of people with disabilities, the fight against discrimination and against structural inequalities. , access to housing, the promotion of a quality public educational system and the protection of the environment “.

“And also a guarantee of the life and safety of all, of all women in the face of sexist violence that in less than twenty years has completely robbed us of 1,118 lives and greatly damaged many more. All of these are constitutional mandates that continue to demand Immediate action in the face of the figures and the realities that show that we are still far from reaching that goal, “he stressed.

“The behavior and action of political representatives has become a fundamental factor for the reinforcement of democracy, of our constitutional system; but also, on the contrary, for its questioning and the distancing of an important part of the citizens, for the translation to society of confrontation and tension. Ultimately, for the delegitimization of democracy itself “, he emphasized during the act in which the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, was present, but not that of Vox, Santiago Abascal , which in a tweet has crossed out the act of “mockery.”

In a forceful speech against tension, one of the characteristics of the legislature, Batet has assured that “the delegitimization of the other never ends in itself; on the contrary, it always leads to the delegitimization of the common.” That is why he has defended that “pacts and agreements essentially require a single requirement, the will to achieve them; it is up to us to contribute that will and make it a priority.” The latter has been another veiled reference to the PP, which has blocked the renewal of the Judiciary for three years

The president of Congress has insisted that “the Constitution displays all its general effectiveness on politics, without exceptions or particularities.” “For politicians, the Constitution is an expression of a fundamental consensus, it is a reference of values ​​and principles, it is a norm that demands respect and compliance in our actions and decisions and it is a program for the future whose effectiveness we must pursue in the development of the policies that we promote” .

“Recognize the legitimacy of the other”

“The Constitution is also a project for the future. Effective equality, the fight against discrimination and against structural inequalities, access to housing, promotion of the public educational system, protection of the environment, development of public services, guarantee of life and the safety of women in the face of sexist violence … All these are constitutional mandates, which today continue to demand immediate action, “he added, thus referring to the possibility of reforming the Magna Carta.

Also in reference to those who question the Constitution, Batet has recognized that it is possible to “disagree with constitutional and legal obligations, and even try to modify them, but as long as they are in force, compliance is not questionable.” “Whoever discusses compliance with the Constitution intends to place themselves above it,” he remarked.

For her, “being loyal to the Constitution requires, above all, to recognize the legitimacy of the other and their proposals.” “We must avoid turning the political debate into a constant reproach of unconstitutionality, because within our supreme rule there are multiple political options,” he added, without citing the PP by name, which has been characterized by the same strategy. “To unnecessarily judicialize politics involves politicizing justice, but above all it leads to ignorance of the deliberative space proper to any democratic political system,” he stressed.

“Being loyal to the Constitution is also accepting and assuming one’s own position in the constitutional system and that of others. Assuming that sometimes one’s own options are the majority and on others they must be limited to being the minority alternative. Being loyal to the Constitution is accepting the legitimacy of the other’s triumph and assuming it, with the effort of reaching agreements through discussion and debate, “he added.

The “necessity” of the agreement

“Constitutional loyalty claims more to oneself than to the other. Loyalty is above all self-demand, it demands being aware of one’s own responsibility and being at its height. My appeal today to the recovery of constitutional loyalty is directed first of all to those that we believe in the agreement, in the need to act in the most favorable way to achieve it, from those of us who are committed to demanding that loyalty from us in our own conduct, “he concluded.