Sunday, December 10

Bathers face the boats that anchor on the posidonia in Ibiza: “Unfortunate, you can’t enter”

The small cove of Porroig, in Sant Josep (Eivissa), is an area of ​​special ecological value thanks to the seabed, formed by meadows of posidonia, a plant known as ‘the lung of the Mediterranean’ for its benefits for the planet -it is one of the main sources of oxygen and helps keep beaches clean. However, Porroig’s situation is quite delicate due to the overcrowding of boats that anchor illegally when the summer months arrive.

Posidonia, the lung of the Mediterranean, is dying from tourism and pollution

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Last Sunday, several Ibizan families and some tourists confronted the owners of the boats that anchor in the area – the locals and the owners of the Porroig fishermen’s huts denounce that these boats are dedicated to illegally taking tourists and that they leave the dirty bay-, as shown in the video recorded by Toni Juan and distributed by the biologists and activists of Maltesa del Mar. In the recording, one of the workers tells the bathers: “Madam, [échese] over there, man. Now it is OK”. “No, no, you guys stop,” says the woman.

“Unfortunate”, affirms a swimmer. “We are working, aren’t you ashamed? What do we do?”, replies the worker. “Well, don’t get involved, damn it, you can’t get in. If you know the law of the sea, you have to know it, damn it ”, he replies. “Tell your boss to buy [una embarcación] smaller to be able to enter here, which is sure to be left over [el dinero]. It doesn’t bother you, ”adds a bather. “There are more boats there, you have more,” says the worker.

Eyewitnesses tell that one of the people who rebuked the charter workers was snorkeling and that a boat almost ran over him and his son. These same sources assure that in about 3-4 hours they saw between 40 and 50 boats in Porroig, a cove only 150 meters long, where many of them end up anchoring illegally next to the fishermen’s huts.