Saturday, December 4

Bearish sentiment with emerging markets

The good year on the stock market globally has not been reflected in the emerging markets. Its stocks have performed worse and its currencies have suffered strong setbacks.

This means that since 2004 these shares have not traded at such a discount compared to those in developed markets. A real temptation for investors.

In fact, in the first forecasts of investment banks for 2022, emerging markets appear in the first bets.

One in four investors is bearish

But a survey by HSBC bench that just became known reveals the opposite. One in four investors feels bearish on emerging markets.

The reason is that expectations of rate hikes by the Fed and other central banks have grown. And emerging markets are more sensitive to a tightening of monetary policy.

According to this same survey, it seems that investors want to focus their attention on Central and Eastern EuropeAlthough the increase in coronavirus cases may change their minds.

This will be one of the informative arguments of today. It will also pay attention to the electric vehicle subsidiary of Evergrande, the debt-eaten Chinese real estate giant.

The bet on this business, although it has not yet sold a car, is trading higher on the stock market for the subsidiary. The matrix has also benefited from this, but their thing is what is known in the market as the bounce of the dead cat.

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