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Beats Fit Pro: reasons to use these headphones every day | Digital Trends Spanish

It’s safe to say that the Beats Fit Pro has it all to be used both at the desk and on the go, without the fear of accidentally falling out due to a poor fit. We have tested them for a few weeks and we tell you why you should consider them if you plan to acquire a pair of the type in ear.

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Reasons to go for the Beats Fit Pro


One of the substantial differences between the Beats Studio Buds and the Beats Fit Pro is that the latter have rubber hooks that ensure a better fit in people’s ears.

It’s difficult for me to go out with in-ear headphones: I’ve dropped one while walking down the street or going up stairs. This forces me to repeatedly press them with the intention of keeping them in their place. Not the case with the Fit Pro.

Their flexible tips “hook” well to the top of the ear even when it’s time to perform some physical activity; there is no need to accommodate them constantly. That is why, now, I do not hesitate to wear them when I want music on my way.

Active noise cancellation

Which noise cancellation is perfect? Even supra-aural headphones with this specification have some “buts” when subjected to environments where noise predominates. What cannot be denied is that the Fit Pro present an improvement in this regard, or at least when they are put in front of the Studio Buds.

It was pleasing to see that its active noise cancellation offered a good response in the subway or public transport of a metropolis like Mexico City, enough to have a pleasant sound experience both in the reproduction of an album and in the podcast in turn.

If what you want is to preserve the battery, you can disable this function or opt for ambient mode (useful when it is necessary to attend to a call in a fast food restaurant or store, for example).


In practical terms, the Beats Fit Pro will let you finish some of your favorite playlists or episodes of the current series, as they promise autonomy on paper of up to 360 minutes on a single charge. While its square case grants an additional 18 hours.

In other words, you might forget about a power source for a couple of days. Charging is done through the USB-C cable that is included in the purchase box and has an extension of about 20 cm.

touch controls

Controlling music playback or enabling active noise cancellation only requires pressing the multifunction button – the one marked with the letter “b” – on the Beats Fit Pro, as in other proposals from the firm.

These are the default actions that can be carried out on each of the units depending on the number of touches:

  • Press once to play or pause.
  • Press a few times in order to skip to the next song.
  • Press three times to go to the previous song.
  • Press and hold the button to toggle between noise cancellation and ambient mode.

Using the Beats mobile app, you can change the action that takes place when you press and hold the multifunction button, from controlling the volume to enabling the virtual assistant on your smartphone.


It is a pair of headphones that offers high sound quality and different customization options on both Android and iOS devices.

Of course, by having Apple’s H1 chip inside, the headphones provide additional functions in phones made by those from Cupertino, such as automatic device detection, sharing audio with other compatible Beats or AirPods headphones, and voice control of Hands-free with “Hey Siri.”

A couple of women looking at the cell phone and wearing Beats Fit Pro headphones.

Either way, the mobile app — due to its many customization and management options, which also includes battery monitoring and software updates — gives the pair the feeling that nothing is missing even when connected to a Android cell phone.


The Beats Fit Pro are in-ear headphones that substantially improve active noise cancellation and performance. It is striking that each of the instruments involved in a piece of music stands out on its own, that is, it is not lost as a result of a flat and untextured sound (the pair is also compatible with spatial audio).

Those who have not dared to use such hearing aids so often for fear of losing some of the pieces, perhaps they need not worry anymore. The proposal of the firm owned by Apple will leave them with a good experience not only in audio, but also in how well it fits in the ears even when it is necessary to move from one side to another.

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