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Beats Fit Pro review: better than AirPods Pro?

PVS $ 199.00


  • Good sound

  • H1 chip

  • Fast charge

  • IPX4 resistance

  • Good design

  • Good Android compatibility


  • They don’t have wireless charging

The new Beats Fit Pro are the answer for lovers of sound and sports to have headphones of as much quality as the AirPods Pro, but within the very style that the Beats brand means at a slightly cheaper price.

These headphones have a combination of particular design, active noise cancellation, and good battery life that made them feel like they are superior in many respects to their predecessors, the Beats Studio Buds.

Design: safety wings

The design of the Beats is nothing like other models announced this year by the brand. Among its important details we have to comment on its pads that seal completely like the AirPods Pro.

In addition, these headphones have a kind of wings where the AirPods have a stem. These wings are inside your ear, and they fit perfectly to give you a touch of security since at no time you will feel that they can fall.

News and great improvements

The Beats Fit Pro have some new features that make them on par with the AirPods Pro, which makes sense since both products belong to Apple.

Like the Beats Studio Buds, these headphones maintain active noise cancellation and transparency mode, to which we must add the rubber bands for passive noise cancellation.

In my tests I found that this function is as good as the AirPods Pro, so there is no reason to buy these headphones today when the Fit Pro cost less and give you great qualities.

Another aspect that I appreciate is the incorporation of Apple’s H1 chip. This processor allows you to go from the iPhone to a Mac computer without the slightest inconvenience and without so many steps, something that really won’t interest you if you plan to use them with your Android phone.

These headphones also debut support for spatial audio with Apple’s Dolby Atmos. This type of sound allows the hearing aid to track the movements in your head to give you a sensation of acoustic immersion that is undoubtedly interesting.

By the way, they have IPX4 water and sweat resistance like most headphones this season.

Beast Fit Pro put to the test

When I was testing these Beats Fit Pro I was amazed at the sound quality and I’m not just talking about the results with music, but what happens when you call.

The bass was perfect, the bass was very well balanced and the voices were totally clear, both in music and on calls.

Sound quality is better than Beats Studio Buds and newer ones AirPods 3, this probably has to do with the active noise cancellation technology and the rubber bands to seal the ear completely, as well as the professional touch of Beats that you have always loved so much.

These headphones are compatible with Hey, Siri, so you can invoke it hands-free.

Battery and fast charging

The battery offers about 6 hours of life and can go up to 24 hours when charging the case. In my tests I found that they do have a good duration, although they do not have wireless charging or Magsafe.

Charging is quite fast: with 5 minutes you can get an hour of music playback, which is not bad at all.

Buy the Beats Fit Pro?

The Beats Fit Pro are the earphones almost equivalent to the first generation AirPods Pro, but cheaper and with a slightly better sound.

They are ideal for those who exercise because you will not be afraid that they will fall easily, although they do not have wireless charging, something that you could miss.

If you want high-end headphones, this is undoubtedly the alternative between the new AirPods 3 and the AirPods Pro, both in price and quality. You can get them in $ 199.

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