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Beautiful ideas to use wooden pallets on your terrace

Have you ever walked by a bunch of free wooden pallets; and have you been tempted to build something with them? You are not alone or alone. The pallet is by no means a newcomer to the world of crafts or diy (do it yourself).

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And the reasons for its success among makers They stand out: their price is unbeatable (it’s easy to find them for free) and they offer numerous possibilities to transform a boring space into a more than cozy and stylish corner.

If you move in an urban environment, you can find free pallets in grocery stores (check that they are not dirty); also hanging around the containers of household items or hardware stores. And a couple of days off are great to start a new project with them: indoor or, as we tell you today, to decorate your terrace or outdoor space.

But don’t take the first pallet you come across. Before I lay my hands on them, make sure they are in reasonable condition and clean; It is also advisable to choose pallets whose nails are not completely twisted (or rusted), as they will be more difficult to disassemble.

In addition, in all cases, it is advisable to first pass a sandpaper (or easier, a sanding machine), to remove possible splinters. And do not rule out applying a coat of exterior varnish or paint for a more beautiful finish. [Hace un tiempo te contamos los trucos para pintar una puerta sin llamar a un profesional.]

1. Make yourself a bench or deck chair with pallets

One of the easiest ways to reuse pallets is to make a bench or lounger. This project doesn’t even require you to disassemble it: make you a bench or sofa with pallets for the terrace it is as simple as stacking a few pallets, one on top of the other, and finishing by placing a mattress or an outdoor cushion on all of them.

The result is robust and functional. And it allows you to get some new outdoor furniture for practically free. Also, you can paint your benches made of pallets with an outdoor product, and the color that you like the most.

2. Build pretty flower pots for free

The pallets allow you to make pretty pots for the terrace, completely free. Something that is interesting, especially if we consider that a decent wooden planter of medium size is around 40 euros.

Well, to make a flowerpot, you just need to disassemble the pallets, cut the wooden boards to the size you want and nail them back in, using large wood screws and squares that allow you to keep everything in place. [Aquí tienes más ideas para fabricar macetas bonitas con lo que te sobra en casa.]

3. An outdoor table with pallets

If you do not feel like disassembling pallets, you can make a table for the terrace in a similar way to benches: just stack a few and, on them, place a piece of wood that you have at home, a glass, or any other surface rigid.

Or try this another project: raised pallets form the sides of the table; and you can cut one or two boards, to give the desired height to your furniture. On top, you put another pallet, as a table, and screw everything with some squares. You can leave it as is; but it will be more consistent if you fill the gaps between the boards with the slats that you remove from another pallet; so as not to leave gaps and to be able to support what you need without the danger of it tipping over.

4. Vertical garden on the terrace

Vertical gardens allow you to make room for your passion for green, and, incidentally, put order in all those plants that you have on the terrace (or inside the house). The good news: to organize them, and refresh that outdoor space (the plants help you lower the temperature of the terrace), a pallet also serves you. [En este artículo te contamos cómo montar con éxito un jardín vertical en tu casa; y qué plantas utilizar para mejorar tus posibilidades de éxito.]

First: you can hang the pallet for your plants directly on the wall, and use its holes to fit inside pots of its size. OR create them yourself from scratch in these holes, with porous fabric, which you then fill with soil, and plants, of course! Thus, you will have created a new physical support for your plants. Or, if you use pot hangers, you can hook them to the wooden boards on your pallet.

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