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Becker Logistics Celebrates 25 Years in the 3PL Business

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GLENDALE HEIGHTS, Ill. — Becker Logistics, a third-party logistics company based in Glendale Heights, Ill. is excited to celebrate its 25th Anniversary.

Over the past 25 years, Becker Logistics has been dedicated to delivering competitive services with integrity and purpose to its customers, carriers, and employees. Becker Logistics is overjoyed to reach this milestone. Becker Logistics is incredibly proud of its achievements so far, whether it be pushing through the uncertainty of the pandemic in 2020-2021 or making it to the Transport Topics’ list of top 100 freight brokerage firms year after year.

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“We’ve gone further and did more than I thought was ever even possible in these first 25 years,” shared CEO Jim Becker. “Our purpose in life is knowing that there are new heights that are possible to achieve. With the excellent team that we’ve today, our job is working on increasing future profits and changing more lives within our company, our communities, and all-over North America. We have accomplished a lot in a quarter of a century, and we believe that our accumulated plan for the next eight years is going to be nothing less than miraculous in the world of supply chain management. My gratitude and love overflows in acknowledgment of all those that have been a part of this journey so far.”

As Becker Logistics looks toward the future, it hopes to continue finding new ways to expand its operations and grow the business. There are new and inspiring projects that are currently being developed behind the scenes that expect to be introduced soon. Becker Logistics holds its values to high regard, but understands that adaptation is required when consumer needs change and the world continues to shift. Advancement in the logistics industry has always been the goal for Becker Logistics, and they are ready to successfully navigate through the next 25 years.

To commemorate its 25th anniversary, Becker Logistics celebrated with a private event for its employees and partners on June 4, 2022 at their headquarters located in Glendale Heights, Ill.

About Becker Logistics: Becker Logistics is a transportation management company that matches over 600 customers with its top-quality freight carriers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Becker Logistics has a large (70,000+ carriers), dependable network of quality truck and rail carriers. Our operations include but are not limited to truckload or less-than-truckload (LTL), flatbeds, dry vans or drop trailers, temperature controlled, expedited, hazardous materials, warehousing, supply chain management and third-party logistics (3PL). Becker Logistics offers a dependable and reliable route for solving urgent shipping issues and supports its customers through a trusted network of high-quality carriers.

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