Monday, October 25

Beer, butter and fish and chips: Boris Johnson’s burlesque campaign amid post-Brexit chaos

As the supply crisis in which the United Kingdom is plunged continues, due to the lack of manpower caused by Brexit, the pandemic and the tense relations with the European Union, Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to encourage his faithful with a touch bizarre in his latest campaign. In the middle of the conservative party conference, Johnson has uploaded a series of videos on Twitter referring, not to say mocking, to the new slogan of the tories, #BuildBackBetter.

On Sunday, the prime minister tweeted the first video from what appeared to be his hotel room in Manchester. In it, Johnson can be seen raising a mug of traditional English ale and saying, “Build back bitter!”, Referring to the bitter taste of the drink.

In the following video, which was posted on Monday night, Johnson unravels a wrapper that hides a generous portion of “fish and chips”, also a typical UK dish, and then begins to eat it eagerly and say: “Build back batter “, alluding in this case to the mass with which the fish is fried.

So far, the last video of the curious series has been posted this Tuesday morning, also from his personal account, while having breakfast. In this case, he has changed the “better” of the motto for “butter”, the butter, with which he has spread his toasts.

But it is not only on Twitter where the conservative leader has played with the slogan, which calls for the reconstruction of the country after the pandemic. Johnson and Home Secretary Priti Patel visited a Manchester youth center on Sunday, where they baked cakes dressed in aprons bearing the slogan “Bake Back Better”.

Nor are the UK Conservatives the first to use the slogan in question. Joe Biden already wore it for his victorious 2020 presidential campaign, as did Justin Trudeau, the newly re-elected prime minister of Canada.

The conservative conference began last Sunday and will last until this Wednesday, when will Johnson intervene.

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