Thursday, July 29

“Behind the Scenes” Reveals Loki’s Original and Erotic Plot | Digital Trends Spanish

After its first season, Loki became one of the most successful series this year. Many people want to know more details about Disney fiction, especially after the intriguing last episode.

This week premiered on Disney Plus Assembled: The Making of Loki, which showed unknown aspects of the series, such as interviews, outtakes and additional material. However, the visit to the room where the scriptwriters work is what most caught the audience’s attention.

In this part you could see the writers’ room with a large white board in the background, which was full of diagrams that were used by the creatives in their process of writing the script of Loki.


Thus, the blackboard includes a diagram with eight points of a montage that did not reach the series, among them are “Loki visiting different periods of time”, “Doing crazy antics, also known as sex”, “Pivots to take the power ”and“ Collecting Infinity Stones ”.

"Behind the scenes" reveals Loki's original plot

Part of this brainstorming also shows the following:

“He has the gauntlet, he has power, more sex, bi, alien, etc.” and “Alone in the throne room. He has seized power, but is infected with thoughts that it is not real due to TVA’s control over free will. “

It should be remembered that in the last scene of the final episode a brief announcement could be noticed that anticipated that Loki It will return to the Disney Plus platform for a second season, which has caused enthusiasm among fans of the series.

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