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Beijing 2022: the best images of the Winter Olympics | Digital Trends Spanish

From the historic quadruple jump of the Russian skater Kamila Valieva to the tears of the Chinese Zhu Yi, there have been two of the key moments of the Winter Olympics; scenes that have been captured in the best images of beijing 2022 which you can check below.

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The skeleton

Getty Images

Chinese competitor Yin Zheng rides the small sled that takes him at more than 140 kilometers per hour during a 50 meter descent. The skeleton or individual bobsled is one of the most distinctive and risky sports of the Winter Olympics.

hill descent

Austrian Benjamin Karl and Slovenian Tim Mastnak
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Austrian Benjamin Karl and Slovenian Tim Mastnak compete in the close men’s parallel giant slalom final at Genting Snow Park P & X Stadium in Zhangjiakou.

The trick

Chinese skier Eileen Gu
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China’s Eileen Gu performs a trick before the women’s big air freestyle ski final. In this discipline, skiers must perform as many tricks and turns as possible, after jumping from a ramp.

Slovenia at debut

Slovenian Nika Kriznar competes in the final of the mixed ski jumping team
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The Slovenian Nika Kriznar competes in the final of the mixed ski jumping team, one of the tests that debuted at the Beijing 2022 Olympic Games. The European team would ultimately win the gold medal.

The fastest

Dutch figure skater Ireen Wust
Getty Images

The Dutch Ireen Wust prevailed in the women’s 1,500 meters of speed skating, adding her twelfth medal and the sixth gold in her successful sports career.

closed end

snowboard finish
Getty Images

At 17 years old and with a promising future, the Chinese Su Yiming settled for the silver medal in the close men’s snowboard final in the slopestyle category, where he was beaten by the Canadian Max Parrot by decision of the judges.

american fracture

Nina O'Brian from United States
Getty Images

American skier Nina O’Brien suffers a hard fall in the women’s giant slalom race, which fractured her left tibia and fibula.

Russian quad jump

Russian figure skater Kamila Valieva
Getty Images

At just 15 years old, the Russian Kamila Valieva starred in an unprecedented quadruple jump at the Olympic Games in her presentation of the women’s team skating competition. Despite suffering a fall, the difficulty of her jump helped her team win the gold medal.

hungarian disappointment

The Hungarian Shaolin Sandor
Getty Images

Hungarian Shaolin Sandor Liu reacts with pain and disappointment after falling in the men’s 1,000m speed skating final.

Zhu Yi’s pain

Chinese athlete Zhu Yi
Getty Images

Chinese figure skater Zhu Yi bursts into tears after failing in the women’s singles skating competition. Born in the United States, she was the subject of harsh criticism on Chinese social media before her involvement.

mixed curling

Mixed Curling in Beijing 2022
Getty Images

Canadian Rachel Homan is one of the stars of the mixed doubles curling team, one of the most emblematic sports of the Winter Olympics.

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