Tuesday, May 24

Belarra and Pablo Iglesias sign a “manifesto for peace” in Ukraine together with Chomsky, Varoufakis, Corbyn and Correa

The Minister of Social Rights and General Secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, and the former Vice President of the Government Pablo Iglesias, have signed a manifesto together with different political personalities from the international arena to highlight their commitment to exclusively peaceful means in the face of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This adhesion shows once again the discrepancies that exist within the progressive Executive between the ministers of Podemos and the rest regarding the sending of weapons and the management of the conflict by the EU and NATO.

The words of Pablo Iglesias about Yolanda Díaz force Podemos to endorse their support for the vice president

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Among the signatories are, in addition to Belarra and Iglesias, the former president of UNESCO Federico Mayor Zaragoza, the journalist Rafael Poch or the political scientist Viçenç Navarro. From the international arena, the signatures of the former British Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, the American political scientist Noam Chomsky, the former president of Ecuador Rafael Correa, the former Greek Minister of Economy Yanis Varoufakis or the spokesman for Foreign Affairs of Sinn Fein, John Brady stand out.

The manifesto, titled Peace now! (Peace now!) and to which elDiario.es has had access, stresses that “the effects of the Russian invasion of Ukraine have been devastating.” Among them stands out the “death, destruction and millions of people forced to flee their homes.” “As the war intensifies, the risk of nuclear annihilation grows. The social and economic consequences of this war are already being felt in Ukraine, Russia and around the world.

However, the signatories, who at no time mention the person responsible for the invasion, Russian President Vladimir Putin, demand “an immediate ceasefire” and support “negotiations for a full and lasting peace.” “The United Nations and other relevant international organizations must be ready to guarantee any agreement,” they stress.

They ask to “leave aside” the “belligerent language”

They also recall that “President Zelensky has outlined the two most essential conditions for peace”, which are that “the invading Russian troops must withdraw from Ukraine” and that it become “a neutral country”. “We urge governments and the media to put aside all belligerent language and promote and strengthen dialogue on this basis. Escalation will only lead to more bloodshed, displacement and economic damage inflicted on innocent people.”

The text also considers that “hospitality and humanity must be shown to all those fleeing war with an asylum policy that is not conditioned by the country of origin.” “It is the responsibility of governments and public authorities to protect and guarantee human rights. We urge the protection of all civilians who flee or remain in their homes, evacuations through humanitarian corridors and guarantees of food and medical care, “they point out.

Another of the premises of the manifesto is that “Ukraine will need support for reconstruction.” “We call on international institutions to eliminate Ukraine’s debt and commit resources to support the country’s national and popular development. “We must also protect the people of non-combatant countries facing the economic consequences of this war, which will accelerate,” they add.

“We call on governments to protect the welfare state, guarantee social rights for all citizens and reduce inequality. It is time for the great fortunes and large companies to contribute equitably to society so that the incomes and bodies of the vast majority do not bear, once again, the cost of this crisis”, they conclude.