Thursday, February 2

Belarra opens the door to an alternative to Yolanda Díaz: “The unit is more important than the candidate”

The general secretary of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has called on her party and the rest of the political space on the left to “work for unity” in the face of an election year in which she has assured that her formation aspires to revalidate the Coalition government reinforcing its presence in the Council of Ministers. And she has put the need for that unity before even the proper names of candidates, referring to the steps of Yolanda Díaz, whom she has not expressly cited.

Yolanda Díaz, about Sumar: “Podemos was born from the challenge, I look for the construction”


“Unity is even more important than the name of the candidate or candidate,” he said before outlining a road map in which, in his opinion, the bases and militants of the left-wing parties should be the ones who democratically choose those candidacies, avoiding assuming that his will be incarnated by Yolanda Díaz, as Pablo Iglesias pointed out after his departure.

“The unit on the left buries itself in the offices. The militants have to be able to exercise the sovereign power to choose those who represent us in the institutions. Popular leadership must be the key that legitimizes our representatives. The participation of the people has always been our beacon ”, Belarra said during his speech at the State Citizen Council of Podemos held this Saturday.

The also Minister of Social Rights has claimed the role that her training should play in the future in a “plural and diverse” space. “It may not be enough with Podemos, but what is certain is that without Podemos, without its militancy, without its social support and without our history, it cannot be done”, he stressed after highlighting the work of Pablo Iglesias, joining the Left “from the Communist Party to the Greens”.