Monday, May 29

Belarra transfers to the Prosecutor’s Office that the mockery of ‘El hormiguero’ about Pilar Lima is an attack “on the right to equality”

The Ministry of Social Rights has transferred to the Prosecutor’s Office the mockery made by the presenter of the program ‘El hormiguero’ and one of his collaborators, Pablo Motos and Miguel Lago, respectively, about Pilar Lima, United We Can candidate for mayor of Valencia. The department led by Ione Belarra considers that the demonstrations carried out “are an attack on the right to equality and non-discrimination of all people with disabilities.”

Podemos studies legal actions against ‘El hormiguero’ for mocking his candidate in Valencia “deaf and dyke”


“What requirement does a candidate have to have?” Motos asked. “Deaf”, replied the collaborator between laughs, to which he added: “It’s that the one from Valencia, says Irene Montero, the best candidate, deaf, dyke… As anything goes, start missing: here is lame… .”.

These are the statements that are recriminated from Social Rights. In particular, the General Directorate for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, under the Ministry, maintains that these comments contribute “to maintaining stereotypes and prejudices in the collective imagination that seriously affect the lives of persons with disabilities.”

They also explain that this type of mockery is given to “explicitly understand that it is absolutely absurd that a person with a disability, in this case ‘because they are deaf or lame’, is not able to perform the functions of political office to whoever was elected”, they point out from the department of Belarra in a press release.

In the letter addressed to the Prosecutor’s Office, always according to official sources of the Ministry, the direction of persons with disabilities alludes to article 14 and 18 of the Constitution, on non-discrimination and the right to honor, respectively.

They also recall that the General Law on Audiovisual Communication establishes that “audiovisual communication shall not incite violence, hatred or discrimination against a group or members of a group for reasons of […] disability, sexual orientation, gender identity”. In their legal arguments, they also rely on the Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities and the Law on Equal Treatment and Non-Discrimination.

Before this decision was made public, the affected person already answered the presenter of the Antena 3 program: “Pablo Motos, from here, from Valencia, the deaf and the dyke invites you to the 21st century; open your mind, darling”. The response came on the candidate’s social networks. “Deaf, dyke, feminist and stubborn, that’s how I am, no matter how much it weighs on the cave.” This is how the policy of United We Can was vindicated.

“With demonstrations like the ones denounced here, discrimination against people with disabilities is incited and contributes to perpetuating their stigmatization and social exclusion,” states the press release issued by Derechos Sociales.

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