Monday, December 4

Belarra warns the PSOE: “Either we make some Budgets to match or the next ones will be made by Feijóo and Abascal”

“In these Budgets, the Government is risking its re-election”, the Minister of Social Rights and leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, assured this Saturday. “Either we make some Budgets at the height of what the citizens are demanding – the citizens in Spain, not the leader of another power – or the next budgets will [el líder del PP, Alberto Núñez] Feijoo and [el de Vox, Santiago] Abascal and, yes, they will be violence against the social majority in our country”, he added before the State Citizen Council of his party.

Yolanda Díaz presents Sumar before 5,000 people so that “democracy also reaches the economy”

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For Belarra, who has avoided mentioning Yolanda Díaz and Sumar a day after the massive presentation of the vice president’s project, “the best way to strengthen Spanish democracy and aspire to its fullness is for the coalition government to consolidate and continue ruling.” “We have not hidden our concern about the events and statements of what we have experienced and heard in recent weeks and that have left Podemos alone defending what should be the hallmarks of the entire progressive government,” he clarified. , alluding to the clashes with the PSOE due to the increase in defense spending or the response that the Executive must give in the face of growing inflation.

“We cannot forget that the coalition is a conquest of the left in our country, a conquest of those who mobilized in the 15M, of the feminist movement that called the historic 8Ms, of the pensioners, of the workers. Taking care of the coalition and taking care of what has been achieved by so many anonymous people requires not taking the wrong course and, from Podemos, playing the role that we have always played, that of promoting the most ambitious and courageous measures of this Government”, Belarra stressed.

She has insisted, for all these reasons, that “the approval of the General Budgets for the year 2023 must be the key political milestone that gives certainty” to the country and “sets the course for the end of the legislature.” “There have to be Budgets that put barriers to inflation and protect families, clearly addressing what citizens need and what people expect from a progressive government,” she said.

“Of course, I am not giving up and I am going to continue trying to convince my partner that what our country needs to protect itself from the economic and social consequences of war is not to invest in more combat aircraft, but rather to shield the purchasing power of the people, a fund of 10,000 million for public health and education, a transport pass of 10 euros and expanding conciliation and care policies”, he stressed, concluding that Spain “now needs an ambitious housing law and repeal the law gag”, two initiatives that the Government hopes to approve in Congress in the next period of sessions, starting in September.

“An attack on democracy”

Belarra has dedicated a large part of his speech to attacking the PP after hearing the audios, revealed by The country, of the conversations between the former general secretary of the popular party, María Dolores de Cospedal, and the former commissioner Villarejo, in which both insult Pablo Iglesias and maneuver to impute false crimes to Podemos. “The audios of the mafia conversations between the corrupt former police officer Villarejo and Cospedal, former secretary general of the PP and no less than former Minister of Defense, confirm what we already knew and had already been confirmed by the Congress of Deputies itself in the commission that investigated the sewers For years in this country all efforts have been deployed – I insist, by illegitimate and illegal means – to stop the growth of Podemos. And that is not only an attack on Podemos: it is an attack on democracy and the rule of law”, he concluded.

The minister has denounced that “no party that, when in government, uses State resources to illegally persecute its political opponents can be described by anyone as a ‘state party’, but rather as the opposite: as a party that is an enemy of the rule of law.” ”. And to do so, she has said, to qualify as a “state party” a party “that illegally appropriates and uses state resources in its favour, also harms our democracy.” “It is also extremely serious that there is impunity to lie in the big media. Hours and hours and hours of gatherings have been dedicated to lying and misinforming about us and us. And then no one has come to repair the damage. Because false reports and lies do not make themselves, nor do they publish themselves, ”she has pointed out.

However, Belarra considers that “the damage to Spanish democracy is irreparable.” “We will never know what electoral result we would have obtained were it not for the lies and hoaxes that have been leveled against us. What would have happened if the false PISA report had not been published, without a police seal and without any material evidence, just when Podemos arrived at Congress in January 2016? What would have happened if, after the electoral repetition of 26J in 2016, the false payment from Venezuela to Podemos in the Grenadines had not been published? We don’t know, but it is quite possible that the coalition government has been ruling our country for 7 years, instead of two. It is even very possible that Podemos would have led that government. What we do know for sure is that what really bothers the economic, political and media power of this government is that Podemos is in it”, he stressed.

“The question we must ask now is clear: Mr. Feijóo, are you going to apologize for the actions of your party and your colleagues, such as Cospedal, for using the Ministry of the Interior and the state sewers against Podemos, for acting as a party that is an organization specialized in committing crimes? Are the media and journalists who spent hours and hours discrediting us with lies going to apologize? ”, He has asked himself. Belarra has asked “to establish mechanisms for the non-repetition of scandals like this because right now there is no guarantee that the same thing cannot happen again.” “But beyond that, of course, I think that asking for forgiveness, honestly, is the least they should do,” he has settled.

The photo of Irene Montero in New York

On the occasion of LGTBI Pride, Belarra has also dedicated a few words to Equality policies and to praise the minister of the branch, Irene Montero. “Thanks to the advances you promote, today there are many more people who are proud of what we are as a country,” she told Montero and her team. For the leader of Podemos, the trans law is an advance for society. “Spain is proud of its people, it is proud of a country that is diverse, that is inclusive and that is already, irremediably and although it bothers them, a global reference in the advancement of feminist rights. That is why today Pride is also a pride of the country, the pride we feel in living in a country where LGTBI people feel freer and safer”, she said.

However, Belarra has also asked her party to be aware that “feminist and democratic advances are never exempt from opposition.” “And this week we have seen how the sexists who are in politics, and also in the media, rage and attack you with lies because they cannot bear to see you change this country. Seeing you turn Spain into an international benchmark in equality policies, seeing you travel to other countries to forge feminist alliances”, she said, referring to the criticism received by Montero and other leaders of her team for being photographed in New York, where They traveled on an institutional trip. “That political violence that is exercised against you,” Belarra told them, “fills us with indignation, because lies and injustice outrages us, but it also fills us with pride.”

“That they attack us in this way is not a symptom of their strength, but of ours. It is because we are moving forward; because we are transforming Spain and this time, with the permission of Alfonso Guerra, this feminist Spain will be recognized by her mother who gave birth to her”, she concluded.