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Belarra will propose from the Mar Menor a regional park to protect it, stop urban planning and a tax on “agribusiness”

The secretary general of Podemos, Ione Belarra, will visit Murcia this Friday in the face of the very serious ecological crisis that the Mar Menor is suffering. There, he will meet with different social groups that fight for the survival of the lagoon and will convey to them his proposal to create the Mar Menor Regional Park, which would provide the lagoon with the maximum legal protection, as party sources have confirmed to .

The Mar Menor suffers its greatest crisis due to spills from uncontrolled agriculture with five tons of dead fish

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Together with Belarra, the secretary of the Podemos Organization, Lilith Verstrynge, will also travel. The visit will also be attended by the coordinator of Podemos Murcia and deputy, Javier Sánchez, and the spokesperson for Podemos in the Murcia Regional Assembly, María Marín. The four will meet with various environmental organizations and neighborhood associations to share solutions to the environmental crisis. Among the associations called are Ecologists in Action, Pact for the Mar Menor, Federation of Neighborhood Associations of Cartagena and its region (Favcav), Platform Stop Floods of Los Alcázares, ILP for the legal personality of Mar Menor and the Association of Neighbors of Llano del Beal.

The proposal of the minister of Social Rights to approve the creation of a regional park would be accompanied by the imposition of a “tax on multinational agribusiness companies to repair the environmental damage caused and compensate the tourism and hospitality sector,” the same sources report. . Podemos also proposes to approve an “indefinite urban moratorium in the face of the real estate bombings that continue to proliferate a few meters from the lagoon, promoted by popular and socialist municipalities.”

The minister, according to these sources, has decided to visit the area “alarmed by the situation.” In fact, it is not the first time that Belarra travels to Murcia to denounce the lack of action of the administrations in the face of the degradation of the Mar Menor. With that of Friday, there will be three occasions in which the leader of Podemos has visited the Region.

The previous visits took place in 2019, the year in which the Mar Menor suffered its first anoxia, the lack of oxygen that has killed thousands and thousands of fish and other fauna in the lagoon. Then it was branded as alarmist and even the general secretary of the PP, the Murcian deputy Teodoro García Egea, described Belarra’s warnings about the consequences for people of overexploitation and pollution as “stupid”.

Now, in the PP they do not hide the deep environmental crisis of the Mar Menor. In fact, the third vice president, Teresa Ribera, and the Murcian president, Fernando López Miras, have agreed to create a bilateral commission to study how to tackle the emergency, after having met harsh reproaches for the inaction of both administrations.

The sources of Podemos assure that the party “has been denouncing the ecological attack perpetrated in the Mar Menor for years.” The dramatic situation we are witnessing today is caused by years of mistreatment by the different regional governments of the PP, dedicated to urban speculation and meeting the demands of agribusiness instead of protecting this natural setting, “they conclude.

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