Wednesday, March 22

Belarra’s ministry asks Sánchez for an “emergency” tax reform to deal with the economic impact of the invasion of Ukraine

The Ministry of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda, headed by the leader of Podemos, Ione Belarra, has called for an “emergency” tax reform within the Government to address the economic impact that the Government’s invasion of Ukraine may have on Spain Vladimir Putin’s Russian.

We can figure in 30,000 million the increase in income with its tax reform proposal

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Sources from the department have informed that “advancing towards a fair tax system is one of the challenges” of the Government in this legislature, “given that it will be the only thing that will allow the development of the Welfare State and maintain social policies over time ” of the Executive. For this reason and given the foreseeable impact that the war in Ukraine is going to have on the European economy and therefore on the Spanish economy, the department of Belarra considers that “it is more urgent than ever to immediately tackle an ambitious tax reform that nallow to pay for the social protection measures that must be implemented” in the coming months.

“The economic impact of the war conflict cannot be paid again by the workers of our country. Large companies and large fortunes must take joint responsibility and pay what falls to the public coffers,” they add from the Ministry of Social Rights.” If we want a Welfare State and public services like those of the countries around us, we must also have a tax system similar to that of these countries, and we are still far from being at that point,” they emphasize.

Social Rights also mentions the report of the committee of experts commissioned by the Ministry of Finance and which was released this Thursday. Belarra’s team considers that this text “clearly indicates that Spain has a problem of underfinancing public policies, the result of a weak tax system.” For this reason, the department believes that solving “this structural weakness, and doing so by improving progressivity, cannot wait, it is a task that this legislature must face.”

Unify VAT or a minimum in Heritage

“The structural reform is not only a commitment reached with Brussels within the framework of the Recovery Plan, it is a commitment reached with Spanish society,” they conclude from the ministry.

The report of the committee of experts cited by Social Rights established, specifically, the need to unify VAT, reduce the benefits that are applied in personal income tax or seek a common minimum in the Wealth tax.