Wednesday, May 18

Belarus acknowledges that European sanctions will hurt but minimizes their effect

Correspondent in Moscow



The Belarusian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Subbotin, he assured on Sunday in statements to the television channel Belarus-1 that “it is unlikely that the Western sanctions will seriously affect the agro-industrial complex of the republic.” In his words, “the land is ours and now we will have to work harder, but nothing more.”

Recognizing, however, that the sanctions will harm and may affect the population, Subbotin said without giving details that «We may have to correct our export map agricultural, but I think it will not be critical for the sector. He did not rule out the need to redirect additional volumes of Belarusian food to Russia. According to their data, “Belarus supplies the neighboring country with agricultural products worth nearly $ 4.5 billion annually. Russia is our main trading partner. ‘ But he assured that “another 6,000 million dollars a year we trade in 116 countries, China included.”

In relation to the limitations imposed by the European Union on the sale and transit of fertilizers, Subbotin also downplayed the measure and insisted that the production “will be carried out in other markets.” On Thursday of last week, the EU approved the fourth round of sanctions against BelarusThis time of a sectoral nature, which will affect certain agricultural products, fertilizers and petroleum products.

The country’s government will also have closed access to the European financial and insurance market and to state banks. Brussels has also prohibited the provision of equipment, technology or software to establishments or individuals in Belarus to monitor the Internet or intercept telephone communications. Neither will it be possible to send technologies that can be used in the military sector. The measures include personal restrictions against 78 senior Belarusian officials, who will not be able to travel and who, among other things, will see their checking accounts frozen at European and US banks.

Impaired relationships

Relations between Belarus and Western countries deteriorated dramatically after the electoral fraud committed in the presidential elections on August 9, 2020. The EU, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and other countries imposed gradual sanctions on Minsk. The situation worsened after the Belarusian dictator, Alexander Lukashenko, a false bomb alarm was invented on board the Ryanair plane in which the opposition journalist was flying, Roman Protasevich, and his partner, the Russian Sofía Sapega, who were detained after the aircraft was ordered to land at Minsk airport on May 23. Both have now been placed under house arrest.

The biggest impact is being suffered by Belavia, the Belarusian airline, which has banned flights to all European countries and many other western ones. In addition, numerous airlines fly to Russia avoiding Belarusian airspace. Minsk has announced that it will respond to the sanctions. In the next weeks”.

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