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Belarus President Accuses European “Mafias” Of Migration Crisis With Poland

The President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, on Tuesday accused European “mafia structures” of the current migration crisis with Poland. Several thousand immigrants from the Middle East have gathered there, who, as can be seen in the images released by the local media, were accompanied by the Belarusian security forces to the Polish border.

Thousands of migrants trapped and mistreated between the borders of Belarus and Poland

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In an interview with a Russian military expert, collected by the state agency Belta, Lukashenko has accused these “mafias” of organizing the transit to Germany and France. “They put them on planes, they land here, they catch them, they take them to the border, they help them cross and there they are already received by their own: Poles, Germans, Ukrainians. And all in exchange for money.”

According to the Belarusian president, it is these “criminal groups” that have brought the refugees, mostly Kurds from Syria and Iraq, to ​​the border with Poland. In the images released by the Belarusian media, the country’s security forces could be seen escorting a column with several thousand immigrants down a highway.

Faced with the escalation of tension, the European Union and NATO are beginning to make decisions to try to quell the “hybrid attacks” of the Lukashenko government, reports Andres Gil. According to the European Commission, the Belarusian regime is carrying out “a very, very inhumane, unacceptable and really illegal operation”: “They approach these potential travelers through apparently official channels, Belarusian consulates, Belarusian embassies, travel agencies and other intermediaries who issue, for example, visas, and inform them that transport will then be organized for you to go to the border. ”

Russia, Lukashenko’s main international supporter, however, argues that the root of the problem is the policy that the NATO countries and the European Union have practiced in relation to the Middle East and North Africa, and the attempt to impose their own interpretation of democratic values.

The Lukashenko regime, for its part, has accused the European Union of trying to divert attention from its problems by lashing out at them. The president has assured that he fears that the tensions will end in “provocations” on the part of Poland, which he has accused of using tanks to prevent the migrants crowded in the Grodno region from crossing the border.

The Belarusian Foreign Minister has denounced the presence of Polish military teams with large-caliber weapons, in addition to accusing the Polish border guards of shooting into the air and throwing tear gas. “We will not kneel before anyone,” said the minister, who has ruled out that they are considering “attacking Poland.”

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