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Belarusian opposition leader asks the US for more sanctions against her country’s companies



The leader of the opposition of Belarus, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, has asked US officials on Tuesday to impose sanctions on companies in the sectors of potash, oil, wood and steel of his country, while visiting Washington seeking stronger action against President Alexander Lukashenko.

Taking advantage of Monday’s meeting with State Department officials – in which the Secretary of State has participated Antony Blinken-Taking into account the existing US sanctions imposed on Lukashenko’s political allies and government agencies, Tsikhanouskaya has provided the United States with a list of several companies that the opposition would like to see sanctioned. The state-owned producer of potash fertilizers in Belaruskali would be one of those affected.

Such measures, which would go beyond the existing sanctions by the European Union and the United States, “will be a real blow to him, to make him change behavior and free the political prisoners, “said the opponent in a meeting with journalists in Washington.

Candidate in “rigged” elections

Tsikhanouskaya, 38, was a candidate in an election last August that, according to Lukashenko’s opponents, was manipulated so that he could retain power.

Her husband, Sergei Tsikhanouskiy, is a video blogger who has been imprisoned since May 2020 on charges such as violating public order, something he denies. Tsikhanouskaya fled to the neighbor Lithuania after Lukashenko’s post-election crackdown.

In addition, he also asked Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop supporting Lukashenko. “The relationship between Russia and Belarus at this time is so close that the next step is the loss of independence,” he said. «We understand that Lukashenko has to pay for Kremlin support».

Also, and taking advantage of his stay in Washington, Tsikhanouskaya will visit the White House and the Capitol this Tuesday.

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