Wednesday, July 6

Belgian military wanted by extremist found dead

Correspondent in Brussels



Two Sunday walkers have discovered by chance the corpse of the missing Belgian military man and actively searched for fear that he intended to commit an attack in support of conspiracy theories about the pandemic. By all indications he would have committed suicide. Corporal Jürgen Conings, 46, who had spoken out publicly expressing radical ideas He had disappeared on May 17 and could not be located despite spectacular operations by the army to try to locate him. He was stationed at the Bourg-Léopold barracks as a shooting trainer and was therefore considered a potentially dangerous person. In fact, he took advantage of his position to seize a small arsenal of weapons and ammunition, including grenade launchers, for which it had been feared that he had sinister intentions. On the same day the 17th, his partner discovers a very disturbing letter in which he talks about farewells and becoming public enemy number one. «I know that I will become an enemy of the state. They will look for me and find me after a while. I’m ready for this, ”it said. Just before he disappeared, he had withdrawn 3,000 euros from his bank account, the maximum limit. “I’m not afraid to die. But then it will be my path, I will live my last days as I wish, ”Conings wrote in his letter.

What most concerned the Belgian authorities was the allusion to the medical officers of the Pandemic, so it was feared that it could attack them. “I cannot live with the lies of the people who have to decide how we are going to live”he wrote in his farewell letter. “The political elites and now the virologists are deciding how you and I should live. They sow hatred and frustration. The police then decided to place under protection Marc Van Ranst’s teacher, Fernando Simón’s counterpart in Belgium, and his family, because a year before he had already threatened him and the police also discovered traces of his presence in the surroundings of the house of the scientist the first night of his disappearance, which was considered by the justice the main motive to persecute him under the charge of attempted murder for terrorist purposes.

A hunter first and a walker on a bicycle located the corpse due to the strong smell in the vicinity of the town of Dilserbos, not far from the Alto Campine natural park, where it had been searched. The corpse had several weapons next to it. The federal prosecutor’s office confirmed at the end of the afternoon that the body found was indeed that of Jürgen Conings and that “the cause of death is probably, according to initial findings, attributable to suicide by firearm, but this cause must be established with certainty during a forensic examination to be carried out ”.

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