Monday, December 6

Belgium names Europe’s transsexual prime minister



It is not easy to discern whether the news is that Belgium has appointed a transsexual woman as deputy prime minister of the new government, or if the most relevant thing is the fact that such a thing has gone completely unnoticed, both in the country and abroad. The fact is that the new Belgian Minister of Public Administration and one of the Deputy Prime Ministers of the Federal Executive is Petra De Sutter, born a man, who came to be a brilliant gynecologist, expert fertility teacherShe decided to become a woman without changing her profession, always at the University of Ghent.

Sutter, 57, is no stranger to Belgian or European politics. Is environmental activist and in the last legislature she has been a member of the European Parliament where she has chaired the consumer rights commission. Afterwards, it passed through the Belgian Senate, always in the orbit of the Flemish environmentalist party.

With the rest of the cabinet members, De Sutter lent oath before King Philippe of the Belgians in the inauguration of this legislature that has taken so long to begin because of the impossibility of reaching an agreement with the Flemish independentists, the majority in the north of the country.

“In collaboration with the Government team and with all public officials, I intend to work on the modernization of the Government and its transition to digital,” she said in her first statements as minister. «I am proud to become Minister of Public Service and Public Companies. The coronavirus health crisis shows that we need a strong government to safeguard the public interest.

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