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If you’ve been working for weeks to build your own computer, or you’ve spent a lot of time trying to speed up a graphics card, you’re going to need a tool to test how fast it is and how it compares to the competition. The Benchmarks o benchmarking software, they analyze the performance of your GPU at certain very specific times.

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Benchmarking software (also called points of reference) is useful, for example, for learning how your graphics card handles specific tests, looking for possible updates, and optimizing your computer’s components. Let’s take a look at some of your best options!

Note– Waypoints can be synthetic or real-time. Synthetic benchmarks run your GPU through a preset test designed to mimic intensive games or simulations to see how it performs and get a score at the end. Real-time benchmarks focus more on monitoring ongoing performance as you play.



3DMark is benchmarking software offered by Steam and dedicated to testing graphics cards with a variety of gaming benchmarks. Test with your GPU and you will get a useful score sheet along with a report on what its estimated frame rate can be for various actual 3DMark titles.

You can also run a benchmarking in a loop to collect more data over time, a more useful tool than a snapshot when focusing on stability (keep track of legacy benchmarks if you want to experiment with older hardware).

3DMark is very popular, which is a built-in advantage for evaluation software: comparing your own GPU scores with other similar equipment allows you to see where your performance is currently and how effective your overclocking efforts have been.

3DMark’s built-in comparison options are particularly good for this kind of rigorous optimization. While the software is priced at $ 30, Steam have a demo that you can try while comparing between various proposals.



Superposition benchmarking software displaying virtual reality test results.

Don’t feel like paying for benchmarking software? Superposition, using the Unigine engine, it’s one of the best free options available for testing performance and stability, with a global leaderboard you can check out when you want to boost your overclocking efforts even more.

It also includes several useful modes, including a free roaming option with a set of minigames, continuous GPU temperature and clock monitoring, and tests specifically for VR games (which aren’t always easy to find for free).

While the basic version of the Superposition software is free, there are paid versions if you want to be able to post to the leaderboard yourself, run loop tests, and more.


FurMark by Geeks3D

Geeks3D's FurMark benchmarking software running a rendering test.

Lightweight benchmarking software from FurMark gets its name from rendering highly demanding 3D video, which it uses to see what a GPU can handle. This option is most useful for stress testing, such as testing what a new GPU supports before you start tuning.

It can provide a variety of useful data, from temperature and clock speed to fan speed and GPU load. Also, you can select a temperature alert to sound an alarm when your GPU reaches a certain temperature, ideal for checking its overheating limits.

Just be careful using stress tests like these when your GPU is already overclocked.


GFXBench 5.0

GFXBench 5.0 Benchmarking Software Options.

GFXBench 5.0 is recognized for excellent platform compatibility – it can run tests on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android, making it useful for a wide variety of comparisons.

But if you’re most interested in seeing which GPU performs the best, you’ll enjoy the simple scoreboard here: just search for your GPU model or choose a test from the drop-down menu to see how GPUs have performed in the past. .

Similarly, the GFXBench 5.0 application itself doesn’t have much of a learning curve, making it easy to run a simple test of performance, stability, render quality, and power consumption.

It’s a particularly useful option for mobile gaming testing, although desktop versions of the software can provide a lot of useful information.



Results from PassMark PerformanceTEST benchmarking software.

Benchmarking software from PassMark offers both a standard suite of tests and an advanced suite at the same time, depending on what you are specifically testing.

Standard options include 2D and 3D tests for basic tasks or modeling software, while advanced test options are easier to play with, with tests running through fogging, lighting, blending, texture, resolution, color depth. and more.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for a wide variety of testing situations, with a bold and colorful interface that makes it easy to check your numbers. While the app comes with price tiers, there is a free trial that you can try first.

When you’re done, PassMark also offers a complete set of comparison tools you can use to see how your performance numbers match other users.


Game benchmarks

The Division benchmark results in-game.

Several games offer benchmarking tools that you can use to check performance without the need to download third-party software. If you are interested in creating benchmarks for a particular game, check out the current titles you are playing and what they offer.

Popular games that include benchmarking options are: Borderlands 3, RDR2, Dirt 5, The Divison, Horizon Zero Dawn and Watch Dogs Legion, and more keep coming all the time.

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