Saturday, December 4

Berlusconi refuses to submit to a psychiatric expert test ordered by the judges

Correspondent in Rome



Silvio Berlusconi It returns to maintain an open confrontation with the magistracy. The former prime minister, who will turn 85 on September 29, has refused to undergo a psychiatric examination ordered by the judges of the Milan court in relation to the so-called ‘Ruby three process‘. In a statement presented to the court by his lawyers, Berlusconi tells the magistrates that an “unlimited psychiatric expertise” is “damaging” to his “history and honor”, as well as an “obvious prejudice” of the judges against him, “what that makes me understand what will also be the final result of this unfair trial.

In the ‘Ruby three’ trial (or third trial related to the bunga bunga) is prosecuting 29 people for alleged corruption in judicial proceedings, Berlusconi being the main defendant. Many of the young women who participated in the feasts at their residence in Arcore sit on the defendants’ dock, who are also charged with false testimony. For the former prime minister, the fiscal Valentina Magnini asked 4 years and 2 months for corruption in court documents. The prosecution accuses him of having paid the pianist from Siena Danilo Mariani, also accused, to induce him to give false testimony about the case related to the bunga bunga.

The process had been forwarded on several occasions in recent months at the request of Silvio Berlusconi, due to his health conditions. The former prime minister was entered by the Covid in a hospital in Milan at the beginning of September. This Wednesday a new hearing of the trial was scheduled to be held, to which Berlusconi did not attend, alleging legitimate impediment for health reasons. Hence the court’s petition requesting psychiatric expertise.

The court should have scheduled a new hearing to examine Berlusconi’s psychiatric expertise. But after the statement of the leader of Forza Italia, refusing to submit to psychiatric examination, the court has annulled that medical examination. In any case, the process will continue without the presence of Berlusconi, who has thus concluded his statement to the court: “In my absence, proceed to the trial.”

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